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Duration: 12’
Instrumentation:  Piano, tuba, vibes, xylophone, bells.
First performance: Air Gallery, London, 1 November l977.

Duration: 10’
Instrumentation:(original version): cello, tuba, reed organ, tubular bells(3 players)
First performance: Lucy Milton Gallery, 15 May 1975.
Instrumentation (“tour” version): bells, marimba, timpani, violin, reed organ, piano, bass.
First performance: Midland Institute, Birmingham, 5 November 1981
Instrumentation: 2 Piano version.
First performance: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 26 January 198O.
Instrumentation (arr. Andrew Thomson, later Hugill): bells, marimba, tuba, string quartet, piano.
First performance, British Music Information Centre, 21 June l984

Text: Edwin Morgan
Duration c.5'
Male Choir

Note : Text of Post-Glacial

Text of Post-Glacial

The glaciers melt slowly in the sun.

The ice groans as it shrinks back to the pole.

Loud splits and cracks send shudders through the shoal

of herring struggling northwards, but they run

steadily on into the unknown roads

and the whole stream of life runs with them. Brown

islands hump up in the white of land, down

in the valleys a fresh drained greenness loads

fields like a world first seen, and when mild rains

drive back the blizzards, a new world it is

of grain that thrusts its frenzied spikes, and trees

whose roots race under the stamped-out remains

of nomad Grampian fires. Immensities

are mind, not ice, as the bright straths unfreeze.


Edwin Morgan (from Sonnets from Scotland)

Unspecified ensemble.
Duration: indeterminate
Published in EMC Rhythmic Anthology.
First performance: BBC 2 'Art and Technology' series, November 1970

Indeterminate(text notation)
Published in EMC Verbal Anthology.
First performance:  Reardon-Smith Hall, Cardiff, 1969

Duration: 20’
Instrumentation: Clarinet, bass clarinet, marimba, bass marimba, cello, double bass, 2 keyboards, timpani.
First performance: Midland Institute, Birmingham, 5 November 1981.

For mixed chorus (SATB), solo trumpet and organ
Duration c. 8’
Written for, and first performed at, the wedding of Brian and Sarah Morton, St John the Evangelist Edinburgh May 31 2003

A capella setting of Psalm 141 in English (St James Bible)

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Note : Psalm 141

Psalm 141


Commissioned by the American organisation Soli Dei Gloria for the Vale of Glamorgan Festival, May 2012. It was performed by the Danish choir Ars Nova.

For mixed chorus (TrTrAT B)
Duration c. 8’
Commissioned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the addition of girl choristers joining the boys at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh.
First performance: Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral, conductor Matthew Owen St Marys Cathedral Edinburgh August 13 2003

Duration: 10’
Instrumentation: Percussion duo.
First performance: Centrum 't Hoogt, Utrecht (Holland Festival), 12 June 1977.