Duration: 10’
Instrumentation (i): horn, tuba, piano, vibes.
First performance: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 15 April 1978.
Instrumentation (ii): harmonium, tuba, flute, clarinet, harpsichord.
Video performance, Sheffield University, May 1978

Duration: 15’
Instrumentation (i): 2 pianos.
First performance: The Kitchen, New York, 10 November 1978.
Instrumentation (ii): 2 pianos, 1 or 2 vibes, bass and/or tuba and/or bass clarinet.
First performance: Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris (Festival d'Automne), 16 November 1979.
Instrumentation (“tour” version): 2 saxophones, 2 vibes, piano, tuba, double bass, percussion.  *
First performance: Midland Institute, Birmingham, 5 November 1981.

Note : My First Homage (1978)

My First Homage (1978)

for 2 pianos

My First Homage was written for a concert of music for two pianos that Dave Smith and I gave in New York in November 1978 and is a homage to the music of the great jazz pianist Bill Evans and more particularly to the trio that he led from 1959-1961 which had affected me deeply when I first began playing jazz seriously. In 1966, however, I gave up playing jazz after a long period during which improvised music had been my principal professional musical activity. Not only did I give up playing jazz but I developed, too, an almost pathological aversion to jazz and to other forms of improvised music. Writing this piece represented not only a homage to music which had once been very important to me, but also served in part to exorcise my repudiation of jazz. The title uses the same initials as those of a piece from the trio's last performance, recorded immediately before bassist Scott LaFaro's tragic death, called "My Foolish Heart", and quotes from it. I relished the harmonic approach of the Evans trio in every piece that they played, and also the rhythmic flexibility, both in Evans' own playing as well as that of Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motian, even at slow tempi. In addition I always found it touching that in the very last piece from this session, LaFaro's Jade Visions, the greatest bassist in the history of jazz dropped a beat in his own piece...

Duration: c.20’
Instrumentation:  Piano and string orchestra.
Not yet performed.

Duration: 10’
Instrumentation: 2 pianos (6 hands).
First performance: ICA London, 4 February 1979.

Note : Ramsey's Lamp (1979)

Ramsey's Lamp (1979)

This piece, for two pianos 6 or 8 hands, was written in memory of my first teacher Cyril Ramsey who had died the previous summer, almost the same day as my mother's second husband, Dr. Appleton. Both died in foreign places - Dr. Ramsey in Canada, my stepfather in a ship near Leningrad. Cyril Ramsey was a very enlightened teacher, and spoke with me about the music of Satie, about John Cage (an unusual subject in Goole in the late 1950's) and he had studied with Eric Fenby, which linked him with the music of Delius. At the same time, he was a ferocious pianist and a man of extraordinary energy, who would start his music classes by racing up several flights of stairs, leaping to the piano stool and roaring into the opening of Schubert's Erlkönig.   It was this Graingeresque quality which I chose to point to, especially to the piece Gay but Wistful from the In a Nutshell suite. The title refers, of course, to Dr. Ramsey as a source of illumination. It was first performed by myself with Dave Smith and John White at the ICA, London in February 1979

Duration c.15'
Instrumentation piano(s)
Written for dance by Christine Juffs (Dance Work)

Duration: 20’
Instrumentation: 4 pianos
First performance: Castello Sforzesca, Milan, 23 June 1979.

Duration: 12’
Instrumentation: ‘elastic’ scoring. Ensemble comprises: i) piano. ii) 2 marimbas or l marimba and l bass marimba, or l marimba and l vibes, or l marimba. iii) viola and/or violin,
and/or treble viol, optional clarinet, and/or 2nd violin. iv) violin, and/or bass clarinet, and/or tuba or bass, optional steel drums and shakers.
First performance: Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris (Festival d'Automne),
16 November 1979.

Duration 10’
Instrumentation: 1 or 2 pianos, 2 vibes or 1 vibes and 1 marimba or bass marimba/bells, optional steel drums/sizzle cymbal, optional bass clarinet.
First performance: Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris (Paris Biennale), 25 October 1980.

Duration: 6’
Instrumentation: 2 vibes, 6 roto-toms ( 4 players)
First performance: Air Gallery, London 23 April 1980.

Duration: 0’59”
Instrumentation: Piano duet.
First performance: Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris, 26 October 1980.