Setting of sonnets from Petrarch's Rime Sparse for 6-part a capella voices SSATBarB.

Note : Sixth Book of Madrigals

Sixth Book of Madrigals

The first five of these Petrarch settings were commissioned by The Song Company and the Adelaide International Festival for performance during the time of Gavin's residency as part of the festival in March 2015. Gavin had enjoyed working with the group two years earlier in Canberra and took the opportunity to work with them again - performing these new pieces as well as existing madrigals and laude.

Five further madrigals are planned to complete the book. The full set of ten poems (of which the first five were performed in Adelaide) are the following:

1. 1. "Voi ch'ascoltate in rime sparse"

2. 2 "Per fare una leggiadra sua vendetta"

3. 3 "Era il giorno ch'al sol si scoloraro"

4. 17 "Piovonmi amare lagrime dal viso"

5. 18 "Quand' io son tutto volto in quella parte"

6. 246 "L'aura che 'l verde lauro et l'aureo crine"

7. 249 "Qhal paura ò quando mi torna a mente"

8. 251 "O m isera et orribil visione!"

9. 255 La sera desiare, odiar l'aurora"

10. 259 "Cercato ò sempre solitaria vita" 



A setting of extracts from Psalm 69 for choir (the Swedish Radio Choir) and a group of early music instruments (Serikon): cornetto, mute cornetto, baroque trombone, dulcian; three baroque violas, lirone; organ, electric guitar, theorbo.

Note : De Profundis Aquarum

De Profundis Aquarum

The piece was commissioned for a project called Aqua Alta, which relates to the fact that Venice is sinking and links this with the whole question of the destruction of the environment. The text, from Psalm 69, reflects these concerns in an abstract way.

Fior me it was a pleasure to work for the first time with a group of baroque and renaissance instruments and to take on board all kinds of questions about specific techniques, tuning and so on, and to work directly with some very fine and highly individual musicians, who were invariably helpful. My main link was with the director of Serikon, the baroque trombonist Daniel Stigall, who introduced me to various musicians, with whom I worked personally or through correspondence. 

As a result we have future projects involving my own singer Anna Maria Friman and John Potter, with cornetto, shawm and trombone. (see photo)