Duration: 10’
Instrumentation: Up to 3 strings and piano.
Published in EMC String Supplement.
First performance: University of Keele, 16 November 1983.

Duration: 10’
Instrumentation:(original version): cello, tuba, reed organ, tubular bells(3 players)
First performance: Lucy Milton Gallery, 15 May 1975.
Instrumentation (“tour” version): bells, marimba, timpani, violin, reed organ, piano, bass.
First performance: Midland Institute, Birmingham, 5 November 1981
Instrumentation: 2 Piano version.
First performance: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 26 January 198O.
Instrumentation (arr. Andrew Thomson, later Hugill): bells, marimba, tuba, string quartet, piano.
First performance, British Music Information Centre, 21 June l984