Early works were published by Experimental Music Catalogue. This stopped trading in 1981, but is now run by Christopher Hobbs and Virginia Anderson. For information on these works contact info@experimentalmusic.co.uk

All Gavin Bryars' music is now published by Schott Music, 48 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7BB

Works not published by Schott or EMC are marked with an asterisk (*) and are unavailable for performance.

NB. All Gavin Bryars' manuscripts have been acquired by the British Library. These may be accessed through Dr. Nicolas Bell, Curator Music Collections, The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB


There are a number of works, early attempts at composition and so on, some of which were performed. List in progress…

Three no. 2 "Visions" (Mss. In Notations Collection of John Cage)

Hoyu spoke no words (Mss. In Notations Collection of John Cage)

Three no. 7

16 Fragments for solo guitar

Instrumentation: Any number of keyboards, including one prepared piano.
Duration: indeterminate
Published in EMC Keyboard Anthology.
First performance: Kingston College of Art, 13 December 1968.

Note : Mr. Sunshine (1968)

Mr. Sunshine (1968)

Mr. Sunshine is one of three pieces written in 1968 for the pianist John Tilbury following my return from America. It consists of one large page of notation incorporating certain elements of indeterminacy. There are "looped" areas where short phrases are played over and over, and some of these are connected by lines to other parts of the page, giving the possibility of moving through the music in a series of leaps. Although written for a solo pianist, it is strictly for any number of pianos, of which one should be "prepared". This prepared piano may be used to maintain a pulse, to colour other material or to give a continuum to the freer, non prepared part.

It is, in fact, the earliest piece that I still acknowledge, all others having been destroyed.