Work In Progress

A chamber opera/ theatre work being developed with writer Glen David Gold, Peregrine Arts, Philadelphia and Ridge Theatre, New York. This was originally hoped to be scheduled for performance in 2011/12, with pilot performances in advance, but it looks likely that this will be later. In May 2008 there was a performance in Philadelphia of A Man in a Room, Gambling, the project with Juan Muñoz which was the starting point for this work. Now, Peregrine Arts is unable to proceed so we are looking at it with Ridge Theatre, but still with Glen writing the text. There is no date scheduled but we would like to do it by 2014.

A chamber opera about Marilyn Monroe with writer Marilyn Bowering based on her radio play and poems "Anyone can see I love you". This will be produced in Canada by Aventa for performance, initially, in Victoria BC January 2013. There was a workshop on initial ideas for the piece in Banff, Canada, from May 31 - June 12 2010. This resulted in the performance of two scenes from the projected opera with stunning performances from Eivør Pálsdóttir as Marilyn.

A piece for solo soprano, saxophone (Christian), organ and percussion. Under discussion.