Billesdon Millennium Music (2001, UK)

1 January 2001


44 minutes/DVCAM/DigiBeta
Produced and directed Anna Tchernakova
© GB Productions 2002
distributed by GB Productions
PO Box 6353 Leics. LE7 9YH England


A documentary about a joint musical endeavour of a small village in the Midlands and internationally acclaimed British composer Gavin Bryars.  Three years ago the inhabitants of a small village, where Gavin Bryars lives, asked if he would agree to compose a piece of music which could be performed together by people of all ages and all abilities  - farmers, workers, children, retired folks - in the village hall on the Millennium Eve. The documentary, comprising footage shot over three years, shows what happened next and how the music project transformed the life of the village – a fascinating story about ordinary people united in an extraordinary communal creative effort.