A Change of Light

A Change of Light | 2010

A Change of Light is a collaboration between musicians, composers and a visual artist to present new music and art in a new form of recital. It includes Lauda (con sordino) commissioned by cellist Audrey Riley from Gavin Bryars.


Gavin Bryars: Lauda (con sordino)
Steve Hillier: Dryker Storr
David Lang: Wed for solo piano (live)
David Lang: How to pray


Audrey Riley, cello
Andrew Zolinsky, piano
James Woodrow, guitar
Nick Allum and Rory Allum, drums

Note : A Change of Light

A Change of Light

Cellist Audrey Riley and guitarist James Woodrow are close colleagues of Gavin Bryars. James has been a member of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble since 1993, and he and Audrey are key performers in live performances of Merce Cunningham's Biped, for which Gavin wrote the music.