Last night of Tallinn International Piano Festival
12 November 2016 | Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn Estonia
Note : Estonian Piano Orchestra

Estonian Piano Orchestra

The Estonian Piano orchestra consists of an ensemble of 4 pianos 16 hands (i.e. 8 players - 4 sets of opiano duets...). There are two new pieces of mine that will be played at the final concert: Grainger's Woggle and Zaleski's Perfumed Garden

Ballet by David Dawson
10 November 2016 - 13 November 2016 | Merriam Theatre, 250 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Note : The Third Light

The Third Light

David Dawson's ballet The Third Light, with music by Gavin Bryars, scored for solo violin and low strings (violas, cello,s basses) was first performed in Antwerp in 2010. David had choreographed his ballet Reverence to Gavin's Third String Quartet, which Gavin subsequently re-wrote for string orchestra. The Third Light was their first collaborative work and is being given its North American premiere in Philadelphia. Both Gavin and David will be there.


New work for organ and percussion
7 October 2016 | Eglise Notre Dame de la Dalbade à Toulouse 20:30
Note : Jimmy Smith in Paradise

Jimmy Smith in Paradise

The organ is essentially an orchestra - with its registers of woodwind, brass and strings - but, unlike the orchestra, all under the hands and feet of one performer. Of course, the only orchestral section missing is that of percussion and the unique combination of church organ and percussion that comprises the extraordinary duo Organsticks (Yves Rechsteiner and Henri-Charles Caget) corrects this historical omission. This new piece involves reference to a world where such an imbalance did not exist, that of jazz where the organ - above all the Hammnd organ - emerged in the 1960s as an authentic instrument within a jazz ensemble. Jimmy Smith in Paradise pays homage to one of its legendary and greatest players. 




Vocal and electronic work performed at sunrise 06:38-09:00
18 September 2016 | Estuary Festival Southend on Sea
Note : Raga Dawn

Raga Dawn

Raga Dawn is a sonic artwork by Caroline Bergvall for site-specific soundscapes featuring two live voices - one spoken (Caroline Bergvall) and one sung (Peyee Chen) - with electronic projection and sound design (live programming Ben Corrigan, Site-specific sound engineer Sam Grant). Gavin Bryars has written the sung vocal music and at the centre of the work is an extended solo voice Canso. The texts look at several different linguistic territories of Europe and the UK, especially languages that are endangered or at risk. The performance begins during the final moments of night, continuing through dawn, and is completed with the rising of the sun. It draws on ancient and conemporary musical and literary sunrise traditions, such as troubadour love poetry. It premieres in September in Geneva (10 and 11) and Southend-on-Sea (18) and embarks on an international sequence of performances in 2017.

The performance takes pla ce from )6:30 onwards at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal, Ferry Road, Tilbury, Tilbury, Thurrock, RM18 7NG


rehearsal pictures



Audio collaboration for train journey
16 June 2016 - 2 July 2016 | Goole to Hull train (and return)
Note : Goole-Hull Sonic Journey

Goole-Hull Sonic Journey

The Yorkshire Festival has commissioned Gavin Bryars and Blake Morrison to create an audio work that will be listened to on the train journey from Goole (Bryars' birthplace and home town) to Hull. The audio will be available as a download and can be replayed on personal audio devices on the journey. The piece follows precisely the sequence of stations between Goole and Hull and is designed specifically for this journey. Simply download the exclusive free track from to your personal device, board the train at Bryars’ birthplace Goole and embark on a uniquely personal artistic journey through the Yorkshire countryside. The piece is designed for the stopping train rather than the "express" though it can be played on the fast train too. There is also a version for the return journey. Blake Morrison's poetry refers to the personal history of Bryars in the area as well as to topographical and historical material. Blake Morrison reads his own poems, and the music is recorded by members of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble (Gavin Bryars, bass; James Woodrow, guitar; Morgan Goff, viola; Nick Cooper, cello) by sound designer Mic Pool, with whom Gavin worked on the Overworlds and Underworlds project in Leeds.


Concert by The Crossing
15 June 2016 - 16 June 2016 | Philadelphia and New York
Note : The Fifth Century

The Fifth Century

The concert by The Crossing with the Prism saxophone quartet, originally planned for January 23 in New York, had to be cancelled because of extreme weather conditions in the US Eastern states, which prevented the choir from travelling from Philadelphia to New York - let alone any audience...

This has now been rescheduled for June 16 in New York, with a performance in Philadelphia the day before.

The venues and all details will follow.


GB Ensemble performance, Germany
28 May 2016 | KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen, Hanover, Germany
Note : The Sinking of the Titanic, KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen

The Sinking of the Titanic, KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen

As part of a late night event in the very beautiful gallery in the historic Herrenhausen Gardens, the Gavin Bryars Ensemble, including his four children, will perform a 1 hour version of the Sinking of the Titanic. The event runs from 11:00PM until 4:00 AM and the piece is likely to be performed at around 12:30 or 1:00 AM. The Jack Quartet from USA will play from around 11 PM and there are other works afterwards. The ensemble consists of:

Nick Barr, Morgan Goff, violas; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, bass

James Woodrow, electric guitar; Roger Heaton, bass clarinet; Dave Smith, tenor horn/keyboard; Martin Allen, percussion

Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova, viola; Orlanda Bryars and Ziella Bryars, cellos; Yuri Bryars, bass

Bob Burnell, sound


GB Ensemble with Bavarian Staatsballett
20 May 2016 - 21 May 2016 | St Ursula Church Munich
Note : Lauda Ballet

Lauda Ballet

New performances of the ballet for the Bavarian Staats Ballett II - the young dancers - choreographed by Norbert Graf and Simone Sandroni to a sequence of vocal and instrumental laude performed live by members of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble: Orlanda Bryars (soprano), James Woodrow (electric guitar), Morgan Goff (viola), Audrey Riley (cello) and Gavin Bryars (double bass and piano). The piece starts with the first vocal lauda, Venite a laudare, being sung from the back of the church, unaccompanied, by the solo soprano who walks slowly to the performance area, along with dancers carrying candles. The dance, in two parts, follows.

It was first performed two years ago in St Michael's church in Munich, the largest Renaissance church North of the Alps, which has the tomb of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Wagner's patron.

By Norbert Graf:

Lauda 1 "Venite a Laudare" (solo voice + instrumental drones)

Lauda con sordino (piano, cello, electric guitar)

Lauda Dolçe I (solo cello + electric guitar, bass)

By Simone Sandroni:

Lauda Dolçe II (solo cello or viola  + electric guitar, bass)

Lauda 15 "O Maria Dei Cella (solo voice + instrumental drones)

Lauda 19 "Omne Homo" (solo voice, viola, cello, bass, electric guitar)

Lauda 13 "Stomme Allegro" (solo voice, electric guitar, viola, cello, bass)

Lauda 2 "Laude Novella" (solo voice + instrumental drones)

Lauda 12 "Ave Regina Beata"  (solo voice, electric guitar, viola, cello, bass)



Dance work with Yorke Dance Project
3 May 2016 | Winchester Cathedral, The Close, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9LS
Note : Lauda Adriana

Lauda Adriana

Yorke Dance Project will perform a version of Lauda Adriana, choreographed by Stephen Pelton and first performed in Glasgow in June 2015, which has for its music a sequence of Laude. This will be slightly shorter version fo the original piece. The music is performed live by members of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble.

The performers are Peyee Chen, soprano; John Potter, tenor; Morgan Goff, viola; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, bass



Performance in Paris
28 April 2016 | Monnaie de Paris, 11 Quai de Conti, 75006 Paris
Note : #1

Etel Adnan and Gavin Bryars

On the occasion of Jannis Kounellis' exhibition at Monnaie de Paris (link: )
An exceptional Public Program is directed by Etel Adnan who will perform together with Gavin Bryars: Five Senses for OneDeath, on April 28 at 7pm. Gavin Bryars will also perform some works for solo keyboard.