Concert by The Crossing
23 January 2016 | St Paul's Chapel, Trinity Church 209 Broadway, New York, NY 10007
Note : The Crossing

The Crossing

New York Premiere of The Fifth Century performed by The Crossing with Prism saxophone quartet, conducted by Donald Nally. This was first performed in Philadelphia in July 2014 and recorded there, along with Two Love Songs for female choir, for release on ECM Records. The Crossing is, to my mind, the finest choir in North America.


Gavin Bryars: Two Love Songs

Tonu Korvits: Hymns from the Western Coast

- interval -

Gavin Bryars: The Fifth Century

Rehearsal, Philadelphia July 2014

Performance with choreography, Helsinki
26 November 2015 - 27 November 2015 | Musiikkitalo (Music house) , Helsinki, Finland
Note : The Sinking of the Titanic

The Sinking of the Titanic

Gavin Bryars, Philip Jeck and sound engineer Bob Burnell will work with musicians from the Finnish NYYD Ensemble for a performance of The Sinking of the Titanic, based on the structure of the 2012 live ensemble version. This live music will accompany a dance performance choreographed by Liisa Penti. 

Addison Singers and GB Ensemble
24 October 2015 | Kings Place, York Way, London N1
Note : Programme


As part of a series of concerts related to "minimalism" in its various forms, Gavin will work again with the Addison Singers to perform Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (viewed by some as a "classic" of minimalism...) as well as Cadman Requiem in a special version for choir and ensemble. The programme will also include a new lauda (Lauda 44) written specially for the Addison Singers as well as instrumental pieces by the ensemble.


Gavin Bryars' collaborations with poet Etel Adnan
1 October 2015 | Whitechapel Art Gallery, Aldgate East, London
Note : Gavin Bryars and Etel Adnan

Gavin Bryars and Etel Adnan

Whitechapel Gallery October 1st 2015


Gavin Bryars: It Never Rains (2010) for viola, cello, electric guitar, double bass

Gavin Bryars: The Island Chapel (1995) for voice and ensemble

Etel Adnan: Five Senses for One Death Etel Adnan, reader; Gavin Bryars, keyboard

Gavin Bryars: The Flower of Friendship (2009) for viola, cello, electric guitar, bass

Gavin Bryars: The Adnan Songbook (1996) for soprano and ensemble



Anna Maria Friman, soprano;

Roger Heaton, bass clarinet/clarinet

James Woodrow, electric guitar/classical guitar

Nick Barr, viola

Morgan Goff, viola

Nick Cooper, cello

Gavin Bryars, double bass

- and Etel Adnan, reader





Tre Laude and Lauda con sordino
19 September 2015 | Lyddington Church, Lyddington, Rutland 7:30 PM
Note : Music in Lyddington

Music in Lyddington

Audrey Riley and James Woodrow will perform the Tre Laude Dolçe as part of the Lyddington concert series. They will also perform Lauda con sordino with pianist Andrew Zolinsky - who will also play solo works by Bach and Liszt.

Audrey has recently released the Tre Laude Dolçe on her own label on both CD and vinyl, as well as mp3 download.

Gavin Bryars will give a pre-concert talk in the church at 7 PM.

Performance and ceremony
7 September 2015 | Café de Paris, Paris 75011
Note : Pataphysical New Year

Pataphysical New Year

This takes place on 28 Phalle 142 in the Pataphysical Era ( September 7th in the vulgate). It will include a performance of  work written for the occasion: Musical Illustrations from the Monograph by Sherlock Holmes on the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus. These pieces will be played by Gavin Bryars and the London Snorkelling Team Orchestra, the offical orchestra of the London Institute of 'Pataphysics (LIP).

A talk on recent work
19 August 2015 | Metchosin Community House, Happy Valley Road, Metchosin BC
Note : Metchosin Talk 7PM

Metchosin Talk 7PM

Gavin Bryars will talk about the works that he has written and performed over the last year or so, some of which was written in Metchosin last summer. This includes 4 ballets, and a large scale choral work, eleven settings of Samuel Beckett's poetry (The Beckett Songbook), half of a Sixth Book of Madrigals. He will also play examples of his performances in Adelaide, Lyon, Enniskillen, Munich and Bordeaux as well as material from the further productions of his opera Marilyn Forever (premiered in Victoria two years ago) in Adelaide and Los Angeles.


Launch of Audrey Riley new album
24 June 2015 | The Chapel, Trinity House, The Newark, Leicester 7PM
Note : Album launch

Album launch

Audrey Riley and James Woodrow play the duo versions of Tre Laude Dolçe at an event for the release of Audrey's new album 1:3 (see discography for details).

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Dance work with Stephen Pelton Dance Theatre
21 June 2015 | Cottier Chamber Festival, Glasgow
Note : Lauda Dance

Lauda Dance

Stephen Pelton Dance Theatre has cresated a new work, choreographed by Stephen Pelton, which has for its music a sequence of Laude. These will be performed live by members of the Gavin Bryar Ensemble. The works are:

1 Ave Dei Genetrix (Lauda 9)

2 Alta Trinita Beata (Lauda 12)

3 Oi Me Lasso (Lauda 4)

4 Da Ciel Venne Messo Novello (Lauda 6)

5 Omne Homo (Lauda 19)

6 Lauda Volio Per Amore (Lauda 27)

7 O Divina Virgo, Flore  (Lauda 29)

8 Stomme Allegro  (Lauda 13)

9 Amor Dolçe Sença Pare (Laude 28)

(+ possibly Plangiamo Quell Crudel Basciar (Lauda 26)  

The performers are Peyee Chen, soprano; John Potter, tenor; Morgan Goff, viola; Nick Cooper, cello; Gavin Bryars, bass

Award of Honorary Fellowship
19 June 2015 | Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, Paradise Circus, Birmingham
Note : Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship

Gavin is to be awarded an Honorary Fellowship by Birmingham Conservatoire "in recognition of his unique contribution to music as a composer and as a collaborator". This will be done within the Conservatoire's prize-giving ceremony at 11AM.

Gavin also has an Honorary Fellowship from Bath Spa University as well as a Honorary Doctor of Arts from the University of Plymouth.