Dance by Merce Cunningham
30 October 2019 | Abu Dhabi
Note :  Biped Abu Dhabi

 Biped Abu Dhabi

In addition to performing Biped with CNDC and his ensemble, Gavin will also perfom Cage's "score" for the Cunnigham dance How to Pass, Kick,.Fall and Run. This work involves the accompanying musicians - here Gavin and James Woodrow - reading a sequence of stories and anecdotes by Cage...

GB plays solo piano in mixed programme
24 October 2019 | Cafe Oto, 18-22 Ashwin Street, London
Note : Gavin plays solo

Gavin plays solo

As part of a fundraising event for Resonance FM at  Cafe Oto, Gavin wil play about 30 minutes solo piano music - he will be one of four perfomers for that evening. Gavin has a strong relationship with Cafe Oto where he has played with his ensemble several times over the last few years - and one of his recent CD releases was recorded there -  and has also contributed to a number of broadcasts for the independent radio station Resonance FM

Choral work for The Crossing
13 October 2019 | Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, 8855 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118, United States
Note : A Native Hiill

A Native Hiill

The first complete performance of A Native Hill, setting texts by Wendell Berry:  five of the twelve movements were performed in Philadelphia in December 2018. This continues the long-standing association and collaboration between Gavin and The Crossing, one of America's finest choirs.

The performance is at 5PM, with a pre-concert talk by Gavin and Donald Nally at 4PM


Dance by Merce Cunningham
3 October 2019 - 5 October 2019 | Kennedy Centre, Washington DC, USA

20th Anniversary of David Tremlett and Sol Lewitt Chapel
21 September 2019 | Capella del Barolo, Ceretto Localita ’San Cassiano 34 12051 ALBA Italy
Note : Keeping Time

Keeping Time

As part of the celebration lof the 20th anniversary of the creation of the chapel at Ceretto by artists David Tremlett and Sol Lewitt, Gavin Bryars will perform a thirty minute programme, with Nick Barr, viola

The North Shore, viola and piano

Ramble on Cortona, solo piano

Epilogue from Wonderlawn, viola and piano

It also coincides with the release of a vynil recording, to which Gavin has contributed a piece Cage du Grand Escalier, from his installation in the Chateau d'Oiron, France

CNDC Angers performance
13 September 2019 | Biarritz

UK Premiere of Gavin Bryars' 5th opera
22 May 2019 - 25 May 2019 | Jacqueline du Pré building, St Hilda's College Oxford OX1 1DY
Note : Marilyn Forever

Marilyn Forever

The Uk premiere of Marilyn Forever will be given by the Oxford Contemporary Opera Society, directed by Zerlina Vulliamy in May 2019. This is a brand new production  of a work that has had highly successful performances in Victoria BC, Adelaide, Long Beach California and the Volksoper Vienna.

The premiere on May 22nd will have a preconcert talk by Gavin and librettist Marilyn Bowering.

The photograph is from the first performance in Victoria BC, with Eivør Palsdottir as Marilyn, and Gavin Bryars as bassist in the on-stage jazz trio.

Educational Music Project
14 May 2019 - 19 May 2019 | Aulus-les Bains, France
Note : Fuse Art Camp

Fuse Art Camp

Following his very successful time at CAMP In April 2018, Gavin will return tio Aulus-les-Bains in May 2019 to lead a five-day masterclass in composition at CAMP, a residential arts facility in the high French Pyrenees.

As last year, this course will take Gavin's work as a starting point to examine compositional forms and strategies, working closely with the group's existing practice and methods, with the aim of each student developing a finished work for performance at the end of the session. Students may bring along a work in  progress on which they woudl like to work, or may prefer to work alone or with others on somethign new - related perhps to this unique environment. Students from all musical backgrounds are welcome, whether classically trained, improvisors, sound artists, installation artists, conceptual artists or favouring any other approach. The session will include:

> Individual tuition sessions, examining and developing each student's existing work and practice
> Group sessions examining different types of musical material, including vocal music (both solo and ensemble), string music, opera, music for dance, composing in relation to music from the past, and arranging the music of others
> Evening events showing Gavin's work in opera and film
> Development of each student's work for final performance by the group at the end of the course

The sessions will be accompanied by optional outdoors activities led by CAMP crew, including guided mountaineering, visits to local beauty points, and downtime to hang out, relax, enjoy the local food and wine, and learn informally from Gavin, the CAMP crew, and your fellow students. Following the course, further support of the work developed will come in the form of performance and releasing opportunities via Fuse Art Space and our range of in-house record labels.

Jazz-related works
28 April 2019 | Torino Jazz Festival, Italy
Note : Torino Jazz Festival

Torino Jazz Festival

A concert of jazz-related works by the Gavin Bryars Ensemble including After the Requiem (solo guitar, James Woodrow) and By the Vaar, written for Charlie Haden and performed here in a special new arrangement for the ensemble (Gavin, solo bass). Dancing with Pannonica (solo piano, Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova) is a homage to Thelonious Monk

Dancing with Pannonica

After the Requiem

Ramble on Cortona

By The Vaar

Jesus' Blood

Performers: Nick Barr, Katie Wilkinson, violas; Nick Cooper, cello; James Woodrow, electric guitar; Alexandra-Maria Tchernakova, piano; Gavin Bryars, bass

(Photograph: James Woodrow and Gavin Bryars at TestBed, London)



12 hour performance of Jesus' Blood
12 April 2019 - 13 April 2019 | Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG
Note : All Night Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

All Night Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Gavin Bryars is working with the orchestra of Academy of St Martin in the Fields to develop an all night performance of Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet in the Boiler Room at Tate Modern. It will be done in partnership with various homelessness organisations such as The Museum fo Homelssness and Streetwise Opera and will also include the Gavin Bryars Ensemble and other groups.

This is in the planning stage at the moment but the date is a firm one.