Beckett Songbook Programme, GB Ensemble

Brief Description: 
GB Ensemble in Den Haag
4 Nov 2018
Crossing Border Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Den Haag Concert

Part One

It Never Rains c. 6' (viola, guitar, cello, bass)

The Flower of Friendship c. 12' (viola, guitar, cello, bass)

Lauda 43 Spirito Sancto c. 5' (soprano, counter tenor, viola, guitar, cello, bass)

Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet c. 25'

Part Two

Dancing with Pannonica c. 4' (viola, guitar, cello, bass)

Beckett Songbook c. 35 (soprano, counter tenor, viola, guitar, cello, bass)

Epilogue from Wonderlawn c. 6' (viola, guitar, 3 cellos, bass)


Orlanda Bryars (soprano, cello); James Cave (counter tenor, cello); Morgan Goff (viola); James Woodrow (electric guitar); Nick Cooper (cello); Gavin Bryars (double bass)




Images from the performance: