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A Man in a Room Gambling,
Parkett no 43 (Zurich, New York, Frankfurt 1995)

Harold Budd
Dictionary entry for Contemporary Composers, St James Press London 1992

Ladislav Kupkoviç
Dictionary entry for Contemporary Composers, St James Press London 1992

Arvo Pärt
Dictionary entry for Contemporary Composers, St James Press London 1992

Carla Bley
for The Gramophone, written March 1997

James Hugonin and music
Published as "A Musical Affinity" in Modern Painters Spring 1996

Percy Grainger: Shallow Brown
written for Schott Aktuel January 26th 1997 (reduced version published)

The Berners Case
written for The Guardian, March 2003


Rudy Vanderlans: Palm Desert
based on Lyrics and Music by Van Dyke Parks (Emigré, California 1999) for design magazine

Robert Orledge: Satie Remembered (Faber and Faber 1995) for BBC Music Magazine 1995 August 1995 (written July 1995)

William Butcher: Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Self: Space and Time in the "Voyages Extraordinaires", The Macmillan Press, London 1990 (for The Independent)

Occasional Writings

(For The Independent, New Year 1995), December 24th 1994

Memo re. The Proms
to Nicolas Kenyon the new Controller of Music Radio 3 (for The Independent) September 15th 1995

Re. The Wire
in response to questions from The Wire, November 1996) October 11th 1996

re. Adelaide Hall
Fax to The Independent

addendum to second edition of Derek Bailey's book Improvisation

Evan Parker at 50
written for The Independent, April 1994

re. Keanu Reeves
To: The Editor, The Independent February 20th 1995

on Brahms
for BBC Music Magazine, written January 1997

Heroes and Villains
For GQ Magazine (written January 24th 1997)

John White
in response to questions from John Walters, Unknown Public December 2nd 1996

Note on Tom Waits and Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
written for John Potter (not published)

How was it for you?
for The Wire January issue 1996

Yves Klein
For Hayward Gallery Exhibition Catalogue (written December 29th 1994)

Notes on Joseph Holbrooke reunion
(not published)

Letters to The Independent

FA/Manchester United

Nick Leeson

C M Network

Sieg Heil

Ferneyhough/Bryars at 50

Samuel Becket and Cricket