Work in progress:

Lón Anima
Gavin worked together with Iarla O’Lionaird when Gavin arranged the lament “Tuirimh Mhic Fhinin Dhuibh”with accompaniment by Concordia consort of viols for  Iarla’s last album. They had met when Iarla sang a 30 minute solo set before Gavin’s Ensemble concert in Christchurch Cathedral Dublin at the time of the premiere of Eight Irish Madrigals in May 2004. Gavin has been commissioned by Lyric FM and Note Productions for a series of compositions taking material from old Irish spritiual texts – prayers from a collection called “Lón Anima” as well as traditional Laments. In some cases existing music will be set with accompaniment by a small group of players, in others new music will be written to these texts. The musicians are chiefly from Ireland, with the addition of Gavin on bass. It is hoped to tour this in Ireland and elsewhere from the end of 2008.

Matthew Ritchie
Writing music for a project with sculptor Matthew Ritchie to be located on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. Autumn 2008.

Laika’s Universe
A cantata for soprano and tenor (Anna Maria Friman and John Potter) and an expanded version of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble, plus film projection/ installation by Gavin’s wife, film director Anna Tchernakova. The material deals with aspects of Russian space exploration from Laika’s flight in space to the demise of the Mir space station. It is planned for performance in various cathedral spaces from spring 2009.

Piano Concerto for Ralph van Raat
Commissioned by NPS Radio (Holland) and the Borletti-Buitoni Trust for performance in 2010. The concerto will also have an optional chorus of male voices.

Who was Erdnase?
A chamber opera/ theatre work being developed with writer Glen David Gold, Peregrine Arts, Philadelphia and Ridge Theatre, New York. Provisionla performancer period 2010/11, though with pilot performances in advance. May 2008 will see a performance in Philadelphia of A Man in a Room, Gambling, the project with Juan MuĖoz which was the starting point for this work.

A chamber opera with writer Marilyn Bowering based on her radio play and poems “Anyone can see I love you”. Being produced in Canada by Aventa for performance, initially, in British Columbia early 2010.