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I've only heard "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" twice and both times I've been reduced to tears. Its so inspiring and humbling! Thankyou sooo much for this beautiful piece, what a treasure! Hallelujah! Blessings,
Belinda Mackenzie
Sydney, Australia -
"Hi Gavin, You probably won't remember me - I was a Performing Arts student at Leicester from 1985-88, majoring in music. I didn't exactly distinguish myself during my time at Leicester, which is why I wouldn't expect you to remember me. I work in electronics now, but I wouldn't consider my time at Leicester to have been wasted. On the contrary, exposure to such a vast and varied range of musical experience has enriched my life immeasurably - something for which I shall be eternally grateful. Leicester was also the place where I first developed the taste for vigorous physical exercise - were you on that 13-mile cross-country run in 1987? Something I shall certainly never forget. Very windy, if I remember correctly. Anyway... marvellous to see you're still going strong. My very best wishes to you and yours... Chris
Chris Hill
Manchester, UK -
Dear Mr Bryars, the sounds you brought to life have the quality of what Michelangelo obtained after "removing the excess of marble". I think very highly of your music, which I heard, like so many others who left a note here, by chance on the radio. And though you will by now no doubt be tired of hearing complete strangers professing closeness to you through your work, I'd like to say: thank you for writing it. Sincerely, Marco Barbi P.S. After reading so much in this page, one tends to wonder: why is it that music, which is the opposite of verbosity, manages to evoke so many words, which its essence itself makes irrelevant? I thought the world were only made of 'contemplating' or 'doing'. This page seems to suggest the third way of 'commenting'. Luckily, only the first two matter!
marco barbi <>
Montreal, Canada -
A friend of mine recomended that i check out the song "jesus Blood" and the song and the story behind it is truly astonishing. Simple words that sometimes I myself find hard to mutter written by a lowly man goes to show you how constant Gods love truly is towards us. How simple yet amazing, this ballad truly is. Keep on keepin on! God Bless -Chris-
Chris Williams <>
Houston Tx, U.S.A. -
Mr. Bryars, I first discoverd your music whilst staying in a small monastery in Armidale, NSW, Australia, in the early 1990s. When I returned to my homestate I found a copy (actually few copies) of "Jesus Blood..." in the bargain bin of a CD shop and have been listening to it regularly since. I am planning to play an excerpt of the work on my weekly radio show on community FM to coincide your February 2004 visit to my town. Bless You!
Rev. Eslam <>
Perth, Western Australia, Australia -

Enjoyed your website! I just bought, and am currently listening to the "I have Heard it Said..." CD. I absolutely love "One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing" It was the first of your pieces I heard performed (at a Nexus concert in 1998) and it is still my favorite! Thanks for all the wonderful music. I would love to have the opportunity to perform your music someday
Bill Klymus <>
Dallas, USA -
Mr. Bryers, Thank you for "The Sinking of the Titanic", it's one of my all time favorite albums.
Rick Arnold <>
Houston, U.S.A. -
Last Sunday our senior pastor used the song "Jesus Blood..." that you recorded as part of his sermon. For some odd number of minutes the song played and the congregation was silent. The song as simple as it is has something alomst haunting about it. With a few words it conveys what even the most eloquent speakers have a hard time conveying. Thank you for sharing this reocrding with the world.
Rochelle <>
Glen Allen, USA -
I am always looking foreward to listening to the new CD but most of them are very limited in Japan. And Please update the list of work and discography since December 2002. Thank you in advance.
Fumiya Toishi <>
Tokyo, Japan -
we especially loved 'made in hong kong', it posed many questions. The nonjustristic moments of the piece were contravened by an array of omissions. The music imposed a level of passive meaning that we strived to grasp with the tender hands of our subconscious. struck a chord!
David & Chris <>
Huddersfield, Yorkshire England -

>> Jesus Blood... <<??Totally amazing work/encounter!
Charles B. Reynolds <>
Williamsport, USA -
I have very much respect for your work, especially your drive to experiment and invent. In short, I'm a fan. Keep on rockin'...
Anneke Auer
Rotterdam, -
Dear Sir, we are looking for the score of your work The South Downs to perform it on a concert in Sofia this season. Please refer to a store or publisher, where we could find the score. Thanks! Best Angela and Michail
Angela Tosheva and Michail Goleminov <>
Sofia, Bulgaria -
I love the Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet Loop!~
MC2 <>
i discovered "jesus blood" as student in the Master Degree at School of Achitecture. Then everytime I introduce someone to this incredible work everything I get from them is surprise. Since 2000 I used this music to teach at school to reinforce the idea of listening into the void and finding beauty everywhere.This is very inspirational and I really really thank you as designer and musician too. In my site there´s a link to your site. I hope more people discovers Bryars´work. Pablo Medinaceli Buenos Aires Argentina
pablo medinaceli <>
buenos aires, argentina -
A friend told me to buy "Jesus' Blood" and I want to thank you for such a magnificent piece. It plays in my head 24/7. I have reached a higher plane because of this piece of music, and it's affecting those closest to me also. I'm a big Tom Waits fan, too. If you are in touch with him, please refer him to my website, where, under "My Quilts," he will find a quilt I made of his face. I do not know any other way of letting him know about it. Thank you again. (I'm listening to "After the Requiem" now.) Stacy West
Stacy West <>
Miami, FL, USA -
Hello nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care. Greetings from Ardech, Vallon Pont D'Arc, France.
london, uk -
I really appreciate what you are've revived my interest in musical sound.........
Kelly Rhyne <>
Ada, USA -
G B : My favourite composer-together with GNAC ( Thanks god you two exist! Miltos Manetas
Miltos Manetas <>
Mr. Bryars- Being a Tom Waits enthusiast I bought JESUS BLOOD when I was 18 in 1998. I have since gone on to collect the better part of your catologue. And although I cannot read a single note, you inspired me to play the piano (particularly ALEGGRASCO). I figured if I could even come close the evoking in others what your music evokes in me, I could be fullfilled. I share your music with evryone and without carrying on I just wanted to tell you how important your music has been in my life. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Daniel Webb Knox
Daniel Knox <>
Chicago, IL, USA -

the 1st time i heard "sinking of the titanic" i was 16 years old and it was in 1971. the local fm radio station, kzap, was one of those free style types the would play most any thing (out of sacramento, ca). also fm was still in it's infancy and there were maybe a hand full of stations on the entire length of the band. make a long story short i had just bought a 2 channel reel to reel tape recorder and was able to record (what i didn't realize at the time) a part of "titanic". i loved that piece so much i would play it for any one who would listen. in the early 90's i was working as an assistant to an artist and one day he started playing "titanic" on his cd player.... well it was like an old friend had stopped by to visit. i now own both the _eno_ and the _point music_ releases of this piece on cd. what amazes me even now is that i still hear new sound every time i listen. much respect to you gavin bryars. u dale
u dale <>
los angeles, ca., usa -
Mr. Bryars, ...Tonight I was asked that classic question, which three music albums would one take to a desert island? Without thinking a moment, I chose Shostakovich, the Beatles.....and Bryars. After a little thought, I opted to discard the Beatles and Shostakovich, and maximize my collection of Bryars. ....I have to thank CBC radio for introducing me to your music, I believe it was the radio host Tom Allen who made me aware of your works back in the nineteen-nineties, playing whatever snippets that he could fit into his morning broadcasts. For me the effect has been startling. Despite my enjoyment of a wide range of music, from early history right up to the present, there is no sound that appeals to me so strongly as the composition of Gavin Bryars. Emotional, evocative, soulfully stirring sounds. Such profundity is a near impossibility in this day and age, and finding such a treasure has affected me deeply. You have, heartfelt gratitude and thanks, for generously sharing your art with all of us. Here is something exceptional and rare that I can carry with me forever.
James Banks <>
Vancouver, B.C., Canada -

It was great to hear your interview on BBC radio 3 recently. I was a PhD student in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Leicester 1989-1992 and had my first opportunity to hear your work then when you were Head of Music. I still love it. Thanks -- and congratulations on your 60th birthday!
Gary Baxter <>
London, UK -
Gavin, Happy 60th... I saw you when you performed several years ago here and have loved your music since the 1970s when I bought the Titanic and Jesus' Blood album. At that concert I was impressed by your very giving nature (in a musical sense). I particularly enjoy Man in a room gambling - a very intelligent piece. Thanks again for your wonderful music and I hope you enjoyed your birthday. Keith
Keith Webb <>
Melbourne, Australia -
I like the site and I've always liked a lot of your music. In particular, I'd love to hear "The War in Heaven" again - I was at the first performance in London and thought it was excellent. Any chance of another performance or, even better, a recording (the BBC must have the tapes somewhere). Good luck for the future.
Paul Steeples <>
London, UK -
Listened to cadman's requiem and i absolutely adore epilogue from wonderlawn so sad and pure and beautiful reminds me of the work of john cale and also sad song by lou reed berlin lp 1973 sadness has to be the closest vibration to love hence the music of brazil and most of the twentieth century classical stuff i'll keep listening shan the nun
so after i heard jesus blood on the radio i went to get cadman's requiem recording from the library 4 in stock and i absolutely loved it closest i could think off was gorecky but not a polish sound in your case reminded me also of lou reed sad song from berlin lp 1973 do not know how much non classical stuff you might like also anything by john cale the last track epilogue from wonderlawn is extraordinary sad and full of deep deep tenderness; sadness is the closest vibration to love methinks 20th century classical as yet to come into its own i love the germans shoenberg berg and also nyman in england there is so much love and so much pain in all that . sign of the times i guess i will investigate your works further shan the nun
shantiq <>
norwich, uk -
Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :) Joe D.
Joe <>
Memphis, US -
I heard Jesus Blood on BBC Radio Scotland - The Brian Morton programme. I heard only a snatch at the end of the feature on the occasion of your birthday, but it instantly had a tremendous impact on me and so through the programmes web site and via Kazaa arrived here. This is an amazing piece of music,inspired like finding a real gem and I therefore look forward now exploring more of your work. Thanks.
Robin Gourlay <robin.gourlay@ntl>
Glasgow, Scotland -
Caught you on the radio today - happy birthday! I took part in a performance of Jesus' Blood about 20 years ago in Shefield - I've still got the score and treasure it and the memory of the performance. Lent the Obscure record to a friend, whose daughter christened it "Jesus' Splodge!" What was the song the tramp was singing, or was he just singing to himself? Glad to hear it's still metamorphosing itself (I didn't like the Tom Waits additions, but the 58 second version sounds like one to watch out for!) - "I welcome whatever happens next". Charles
Charles Gaskell <>
Sheffield, England -
have torn myself, momentarily, from the editor's desk to wish you a wonderful birthday - hope you're enjoying 60 and something appropriate to toast your grand age! Always a pleasure to work with your music. xxx
from essex, -
wishing you a very happy birthday - sorry I can't be more original! well, I could add um um um ummmmm, but I think you already know this. love tina maxwell
tina maxwell <>
london, -
Happy Birthday Gavin! All the best to you. Ulf
vaxholm, sweden -
Mr. Bryars, I saw you perform approximately a decade ago in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the New Music changed my hard-wiring for music forever. Merci. CW
C.Wells <>
Hamilton, ON, Canada -
A very informative and well-organised site! Looking forward the new CBC album and upcoming GB Records releases. Thank you for your music, maestro!
Cara Vicino
Roma, -
In Tampa, Florida there is a community radio station called WMNF 88.5. On Tuesday nights from 9-11 the experimental show called Step Outside airs. Six years ago the DJs, Ray Villadonga and Peter Tush, decided to dedicate the entire show to Jesus's Blood Never Failed Me Yet. A group of loyal listeners gathers at a local pub to listen to the show and when the DJs decided to play the whole piece the owner of the pub said he would give away free beer for the length of the composition. Last night we had our sixth annual Jesus's Blood event. 50-60 people came to listen, drink, smoke cigars and enjoy each others company. Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for the music.
Eric Swanson
Dear Mr. Bryars, Your recording, "Three Dancers", on ECM is a joy. You've succeeded in doing naturally (percussion & french horn) what many have been trying--and unable--to do for years with racks of signal processors. Simplicity is so beautiful. ...........Frank Galante
Frank Galante <>
new york city, guess -
I recently was given a gift of the Virgin CD of The Sinking of the Titanic. Being born and bred in the City of Belfast in which she was built, I was interested but nothing more. Nothing could have prepared me for what I heard. This is a truly magnificent piece. Evocative beyond compare. A musical and mystical homage to all that was lost that night. For me the closest I had come prviously to such a piece, was in Thomas Hardy's epic poem The Convergence of the Twain. These two great works must surely now stand together. Thank you for an experience that has touched my life.
Dr Philip Alexander Smyth
great site, greetings from austria !
georg <>
vienna, austria/europe -
as i said, there's some weird stuff on this website! I recorded your programme on radio 3 last night- typical that it should start after my bed time. Looking forward to listening to it soon. Best wishes, tina
tina maxwell <>
Dear Gavin, I am writing to you because I noticed that the Primavera Chamber Orchestra commissioned a work by yourself called The Porazzi Fragment. I also understand that the work was premiered at the Marlowe Theatre on 1 December 1999. I am an enthusiast of the early/rare works of Richard Wagner, and for some time now have been either tracking down, or attempting to get recorded, such works. As a result of my frustration at the what appears to me bafflingly large number of his pieces that remain determinedly unheard or recorded, I decided to start a campaign to rectify this sad situation, which I have dubbed "The Unheard Wagner Project". I have more details on this "Unheard Wagner project" if you would like them, but in the meantime I wondered whether you would be interested in recording The Porazzi Fragment? Such a piece would fit ideally on an "Unheard Wagner" CD which I am hoping will become a reality soon, perhaps alongside other pieces such as Hans Werner Henze's "Richard Wagnersche Klavierlieder". I attach a Word document that details the items I would like to see recorded. A number of orchestras/organisations have already expressed an interest in this project, and I would be delighted if you could participate! Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07713 265444 or by return email, and perhaps we can discuss the matter further. Although the emails I attach below are somewhat lengthy, taken together this provides you with full information on the project and an indication of where I am with it at the moment. In addition, BBC Music Magazine is featuring the project in its forthcoming issue out on 10 September, and the Netherlands Wagner Society are also mentioning it in their September newsletter. I have also gathered copies of certain scores and am in the process of requesting still more from the Bayreuth RWNA. I look forward to hearing from you in this connection. You can email me at or phone me on 07713 265444. Kind regards, Mark Ward
Mark Ward <>
London, UK -
Hello! Amy Catering San Diego California. Thank you for letting me sign your guestbook and thank you for your website. Glad you are here.
San Diego, US -
Hi... When is your new recording with the CBC Records coming out??? Can't wait!!!
If time stoped, how would it sound?
Sónia <>
Portugal -
Dear Gavin, since childhood 'My First Hommage' has been my favourite work of music. I wold love to know if this is available as sheetmusic. Yours Vince Reilly.
vince reilly <>
Greetings to you and your guests. Love what you’ve done with your site. As an educator I can say you have great communication skills.teeth whitening
La Mesa, US -
Wow! You’ve found yourself a great franchise opportunity. Good luck! And great site by the way!
San Diego, US -
Hey Gavin: Enjoyed being a part of the concert last night (CBC Radio Orch/Holly Cole). The songs were enchanting, and I felt that they and Holly were beautifully suited to each other. Thanks for giving us bassists lots to play! Cheers, Bill
Wilmer Fawcett <>
Vancouver, Canada -
ARTSWORLD DOCUMENTARY HELP!!! Please, please, please can you help?! I set the video for the Gavin Bryars documentary, shown Saturday June 29th and again Sunday 30th 2002 and it didn't come out! If anyone happened to video it and would be willing to sell or lend me a copy, I should be eternally grateful! You can get me on With many thanks, a desparate man, Phin
Phineas de Thornley Head <>
Plymouth, England -
dear mr. bryars. i am a native american working as singer, actor here in germany. i admire your work and if you ever read this then i'd like to say you are an important and necessary artist. thank you joseph vicaire, köln
joseph vicaire <>
cologne, germany -
I'm one of those who have "accidentally" stumbled upon your work, Mr. Bryars. I found "The Sinking of the Titanic" filed under Chamber Music in the library where I work and pulled it for its artistically decorated cover. I put the CD in, thinking it'd make a nice background for my poetry studies- no chance of that! Three minutes into the music, I'd put my pen down and was staring intently at the sound system. So, thank you for that much. I'm glad you have a website; I have a lot of research to do...
A Kat <>
Indianapolis, USA -
My name is Edmund Marco and it's a pleasure to sign your guest book. I work for an advertising agency in London. Our agency represents direct marketing companies that are involved in the marketing of products as seen on TV in England. Most of the infomercial products come from the U.S. but then again we export our talents as well. My brother has appeared in infomercials in the U.S. advertising various products. I think it's hilarious that English people respond so well to American products while Americans tend to respond well to sales people who have an English accent!
London, England -
way back when, i bought the Obscure Records release "Sinking of the Titanic/Jesus' Blood..." and it changed my life - at least the musical part of it. Although my own music is not necessarily stylistically similar to Gavin's, there's no denying that the mood and atmosphere unique to his compositions has influenced me no end. Gavin is a great composer because he inhabits his musical realm and that's no mean feat. One of my favorites.
charles vrtacek <>
durham, connecticut , usa -
I discovered Bryars' nusic by buying the entire Obscure series back in the early 80s - there were always several copies of each at the Record & Tape Exchange in Notting Hill, I never understood why! My favourite piece is still "Irma", if only it could be re-released (though I read somewhere that Tom Phillips diodn't like it, more fool he!).
Simon Caldwell <>
York, UK -
I bought all 10 of the obscure set in the 70's because I thought it was cool to own a Brian Eno production. 25 years later I still play those recordings. if anyone is out there who had an accidental introduction to Gavin Bryars, I'll be pleased to know. I love your music Mr Bryars and I hope that my children will love it as I do.
stephen Foster <>
Sydney, Australia -
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tuneroom <>
very very interesting indeed ! > the aestetic / artistic position.
Tor Frøset <>
oslo, norway -
...And I am that music teacher, pointed this way by my friend John, who posted the letter below. What I find most rewarding about being a music teacher is the opportunity to encourage other young minds to share my love for good I was able to do just that. Several of my GCSE pupils today realised that there is more to musical taste than 2Pac and Britney! Thank you for sharing your wealth with us all.
Marc Harry <>
Portsmouth, UK -
I played 'Jesus Blood' at an assembly at my school (St Luke's in Portsmouth) some years ago. Three hundred pupils entered the church for assembly. Normally we have to have many requests for silence before the pupils come 'to order'. That morning we had complete silence and an eerie calm. The music is haunting. It has a quality quite unique, almost as if it is in tune with something well beyond our comprehension, something we are not supposed to feel. This afternoon I visited a colleague’s music lesson. He played the music and these memories came flooding back. Thank you for this extraordinary work …
John Purchase <>
Portsmouth, UK -
I saw "G" last wednesday. Well, what can I say, it just blew me away. The most stunning performance I have seen in years. The music was simply brilliant, so were the stage design and the costumes by rosalie. (John Pierce was just awesome) Congratulations on that one Mr. Bryars! I will definitely go and see it again soon. Many regards Bernd
Bernd Webler <>
Wiesbaden, Germany -
Yesterday I have been to the premiere of "G" in Mainz. CONGRATULATIONS! Mr. Bryars for this wonderful Opera. The Music is phantastic, the musicians very good but most of the singers were not really good and the design of the stage doesen't match to your music at all! Too much colors, too much different styles, not realy the pichtures, i see, when i'm listening to your wonderful music. Always when I closed my eyes, I really could enjoy your great Opera. When will you release this music on cd?
Franz Immig <>
Heidelberg, Germany -
It's February 23rd 2002 - I wonder how the show is going in Mainz - fingers crossed!!!!! good luck P.S. There's some weird stuff in this guest book
tina maxwell <>
wimbledon, -
This slick site improves every time I check in - any chance of the Ensemble performing in Tokyo?
Davis <>
Tokyo, Japan -
Dear Mr. Bryars - Here's the text of a disjointed letter I tried to send you a couple years ago -- not at all sure you got it. Sent one to Tom Waits; got back an appreciative note, so I know he got his. If you never got the paper my letter accompanied, let me know, and I'll forward a copy (new copies have been produced.) Original letter follows: June 4, 1995 Dear Mr. Bryars, One year ago last Easter I wrote the enclosed story describing my encounter with your remarkable composition. A couple months later I had several dozen xerox copies made, intending to share them with friends and others who might be interested. I intended to include you and Tom Waits on the list, then noticed that I misspelled Tom's name, contributing a gratuitous 'e' before the 's', and felt that I should xerox some copies with corrected spellings to send you and Tom. Two days later our house burned. This event, which happened a year ago next Tuesday, signaled the beginning of a year of ordeal, as it were, with stressful happenings on many levels, such that I have yet to get around to correcting the text of the 'Jesus' Blood' story. Among these was the information that my son, recently turned 25, is a heroin addict. This afternoon Well for God's sake -- I had no memory of beginning the above letter; I just sat down to finally write you a cover note for the enclosed, and look what I found on my hard drive. It is presently Sunday, July 25, 1999 -- I guess I've been a tad distracted. The son I mentioned just above is now 29; has served three and a half years in prison in New Jersey for armed robbery, and is now in a mandatory rehab for one year. (He finds, by the way - not surprisingly on reflection - that in many ways prison was a less demanding environment than rehab.) But neither this, nor the innumerable other distractions which have kept me from finishing - or even remembering - the note I began four years ago, are the proper subjects of this letter. I write to express enormous gratitude, and to share with you the narrative of one of the most singular and gratifying musical/spiritual experiences of my life -- which you quite directly precipitated. That story is told in its entirety in the enclosed 'Jesus Blood & Me' and my only comment on that text is to apologize for not having corrected the spelling on Tom Wait's name, mentioned above. Of course, that apology deserves most to be delivered to Mr. Waits himself, which I will do directly; I'm sending him another copy (actually, the other copy) in the same post with this. The reason I'm getting around to mailing these out is because I just recently came across these last two copies as I was sorting through a box of my writings which has languished unattended in the basement for the last several years. They (the copies) are both a bit stained from water damage from the housefire mentioned above, but not too badly. Computer complications are among the distractions which have kept me from producing a New Improved edition, and in any case somehow it seems fitting that you and Tom should receive these last remnant copies from the housefire debacle. The other enclosed item came from the same box; it is, if it succeeds, also essentially self-explanatory. I was a poet-in-residence at Real Art Ways, a performing arts center in Hartford, CT, for about a year and a half, and John Cage, who was on our Board, did a couple of presentations there. The enclosed piece represents my experience of the most ambitious of these; an elaborate, prolonged and multi-faceted performance called 'Empty Words.' The timing of this performance was not long after John Lennon was shot, which figures into the text of my piece. This is, again, one of the last two or three copies of this piece, but I thought you might find it of interest. (The cover is a xerox of the admission tickets for the performance.) Again, thank you for Jesus' Blood -- and as well, for your Titanic piece, and for the Cadman Requiem, et al, which has been playing while I've drafted this letter. Best wishes, Roget Lockard
Roget Lockard <>
Southampton, MA, USA -
Dear Mr.Bryars (and crew)! We met at Leicester Museum last march. Saxemble from Germany played Alaric I or II. You proposed us another piece of yours for more than four saxophones. Which one was it? We are recently looking for new repertoire and would like to check this out. Thank you for answering, best regards, Lutz
Lutz <>
I am doing a dissertation about you at the Uni of Herts and would be interested in any ideas you may have on the angle that my essay might take. I hope that I may have the opportunity to speak with you at some stage also. Regards, Tim.
Tim Wood <>
Hatfield, Herts UK -
Thanks for coming to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada a few years back--that was a great experience, I've been a fan ever since. I saw the Cunningham company perform Biped this week at the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal and thoroughly enjoyed the music! Kind regards--
Marie <>
montreal, canada -
So glad to be introduced to your haunting music. Along with James Busby, Organist, am singing the Boston premiere (so we believe) of The Black River on January 27, 2002, at Church of the Covenant, Newbury St., Boston. Hope to learn more of your pieces.
Ann Jeffers-Brown <>
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA -
when I first heard 'jesus blood never failed me yet', I cried like a baby!! Thanks for bringing the beautiful piece into the world
catherine <>
kilkenny, Ireland -
My brother bought the 1975 "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me" record and played it to our dad (who never really listened to classical music much). I remember Dad was very moved by the power of the piece. Remebering this episode (I was quite young and didn't "connect" to it) I bought the 1993 version and, of course, loved it. Thanks Gavin.
Ross Burgess <>
edinburgh, scotland -
I thought I found heaven when I first heard “Jesus’ blood never failed me yet”. But now I see that I just crashed into the tip of the iceberg. Thank you Gavin Bryars.
Sverrir Asmundsson <>
Iceland -
I was bowled over by 'Jesus'Blood never failed me yet', but I am not sure about two things - why it was quite so long and why Tom Waits had to be involved - I like Waits alot, but I felt his presence on this piece was a little bit token and irrelevant. Otherwise it would be one of my desert island disks. Much Love, and R.I.P. to the tramp.
Jack Arnold <>
London, England -
Well, discovering sites like this one on the caos of the web is a pure miracle. I mean, when you stumble in places like this one, is just like finding home. Thanks to everyone who made this beautiful site. But, of course, I would like to thank Gavin Bryars for his wonderful and never obvious musics. ^__^ ps: hey you, reader, if you like people like Bryars, Mertens, Nyman, Adams, Reich, Glass ecc., well, I would be pleased to be contacted by you and change some points of view! :) Bye
Stefano Guzzetti <>
Selargius (CA), Sardinia. ITALY -
thanks for beautiful music
dario grgic <>
osijek, croatia -
I love Gavin Bryars's music.Where can I find score's of him,becouse I like to investigate his beatiful music.
Jozsef Horvath Barcza <>
Budapest, Hungary -
Thought I might put a little interesting fact on this site. Check out the link!
Cormac <>
London, -
I'm another person who has happened to 'stumble' onto your work. I heard "The Sinking of the Titantic" on CBC FM radio. (God bless the CBC). I was hooked. I look forward to getting my hands on the CD. Thanks so much for your wonderful music. And to think, you were there all the time...
Audrey Morgan
Toronto, Canada -
I'm brand new to Gavin Bryars. I heard "Jesus' Blood" for the first time a few months ago, and it took awhile to track down. I was stunned when I listened to it the first time through! The hypnotic effect still hangs around my brain! I just got "Titanic" and I'm looking forward to getting to know that one, too! Thanks for this music, really! Craig Evans / Burnt Taters
Craig Evans <>
Richmond, VA, USA -
Mr. Bryars?! Bumped into you on the NY Subway on the way to BIPED. Thanks for taking the time to chat, sorry we got lost, hope I didn't make you too late... Another beautiful work, all the best and thanks again for Irma. Phin
Phineas de Thornley Head <>
Plymouth, England -
I heard Jesus'Blood never failed me yet, on radio 3 today. It stopped me dead in my tracks as I had never heard anything approaching something so emotional as this in my life[almost sixty] I'm not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Now I want to hear more. Converted fan
Peter Gerrard <>
Boston Lincolnshire, England -
quelle merveille ce site... ca nous rapproche du compositeur ainsi que l'ˇtendue de son oeuvre... unfortunately we don't have the chance to take part in experience of listening to all these pieces... I wish we can have access to them ! love your inspired and sensible work !
dominique thibodeau <>
montreal, canada -
Dear Mr. Bryars just one thing: THANK YOU for doing what you do... (Wagner e Venezia is one of my favorites too)
Bernd von Trier
Germany -
Hi! I'm writing an academic paper on the use of the phonogram (albums, recordings, etc) as an artistic medium in the 'contemporary classical' music. Somebody told me that Bryars has written works specifically for the album medium, but I don't know where to check this out. Can anybody help me, please! Regards Marcus, Sweden
Marcus Fjellström <>
Piteå, Sweden -
J'ai entendu ma premiere oeuvre de Gavin Bryars pendant mon voyage de noce en Islande. J'ai cru mourir, ce fut un choc! C'etait "Incipit Vita Nova"... depuis je decouvre Gavin d'oeuvres en oeuvres. A part merci, je ne sais pas quoi dire !
si: Thank you!

Pejey <>
Caen, France
I've been a fan since the obscure recodings.I would love to hear a man in a room... without the dialoge over the top,its an outstanding piece as it is,but thtere are times I've wish the whole composition more clearly.
Pat hysenaj <>
Toront Ontario, Canada -
Generally speaking I love the way you [GB] approach music [ie contemporary classic]. More in detail I am impressed with pieces like The South Downs/North Shore et al. I would love to be able to hear the other 5 parts of "A man ... gambling", not just for the card tricks :-) but more for the musical structure. Among my other fav's are By the Vaar & pieces of Cadman's Requiem. Thanks a lot for the enjoyment, and hopefully I will beable to hear things live. Go on like this! Jelger
Jelger Goeneveld <>
The Hague, Netherlands -
There is nothing else quite like the fine and intriguing sound of Gavin Bryars' music. Unique!
Miles Howe <>
Manchester, UK -
I first heard your JESUS BLOOD HASN'T FAILED ME YET in 1993 on radio in Austin Texas. I am looking forward to the CD to arrive. It is, along with Ali Akbar Khan's JOURNEY, one the favorite soundtracks to my life. Thank you.
John Landry <>
Fairhaven Massachusetts, USA -
Dear Mr. Bryar, Tonight I heard "Jesus Blood" for the second time in my life. The first time I heard JB must have been about 2 or 3 years ago, maybe even longer. I was in my car going somewhere, and I do remember that I was truly amazed, and very curious about composer and performers but however rushed for some long forgotten reason and only hearing what I no know to be only a little part of it. I have however NEVER forgotten this piece of music and often wondered about it. When I heard it again tonight it simply blew me away. This must be one of the most moving pieces of music ever written. I know for sure that I have seldom been so moved by any piece of music so far in my live (I'm 46). Thank you for bringing this into the world. Your's respectfully, Michael Samson
Michael Samson <>
Rotterdam, Netherlands -
IAN <>
A very , merry Christmas/Lightcelebration and A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2001 to all of you Guido Zeccola
Guido Zecola <>
Stockholm, Sweden -
What a great website, I love the photos - very smooth!
I have found Gavin Bryars' Website for the first time (23/11/00)and realise that he has released two versions of 'Jesus Blood Has Never Failed Me Yet'. Where can I get the 1975 and/or the 1993 copies? Are they still available? Will they be re-released? Thanks, Allan Evans.
Allan Evans <>
Cardiff, Wales, UK -
Grate music, We all have to give big 10X to Robert Elms for exposing 'Jesus blood never faild me yet' on the radio for many people like me.
Omer Knaz <>
London, UK -
The search for complexity seems to have made sheer beauty rare in contemporary classical music. With Gavin Bryars' music however, I always find myself listening to somekind of silence which has altered the meaning of beauty to me. I'm glad to have discovered this homepage, so I can find out all I want to know about his music. I hope in the future some sound excerpts are added, especially from lesser known works.
Benjamin Van Camp <>
Antwerp, Belgium -
If this is the "jesus blood" GB, you will be fascinated to hear of my daughter's ironing afternoon with you. I'm hoping you are the GB who was interviewed during an interval of a Radio 3 broadcast of Tchaikovsky's "Queen of Spades", where you suggested that the knave amongst 20th century composers was .......... (If you know the answer, I'll know you're the Gavin Bryars who will be intrigued by my daughter's ironing experience.)
colin <>
australia -
I recently attended a performance of the Australian Chamber Orchestra (part of a subscription season). I am normally very skeptical about 'contemporary' orchestra pieces and must admit I'd never heard of Gavin Bryars. They performed 'Jesus' blood' and I was moved like music has rarely done. With no break, they played a Grainger piece, 'Blithe Bells' which was the perfect juxtaposition. There was barely a dry eye in the house by the end - one of those unique performances where it almost seems rude to applaud, so a 10 second silence then rapturous applause. Thanks for the site, I'm now actively seeking out anything Bryars has done!
Craig Sheppard
Sydney, -
Very informative website! I hope to see more about Mr. Bryars's earlier activities (late 1960s to late 1970s) up on this website in the future.
Eric Hung <>
Pittsburgh, USA -
A great website! Bryars has been a favorite of mine for a long time. If anyone has any information about the re-release of Titanic/Jesus' Blood, could you please forward it to me? Thanks very much! Tom
Tom <>
Hi One evenig I was wathching tv and saw some report about a misician. First I was not very internested but than the music got me. icould not stop listenig. Now I'm trying to get some sounds bevore I buy a CD so post some mp3s please
green <>
germany -
great an official homepage about gavin bryars and i am very proud that you link to my unofficial portsmouth sinfonia homepage keep on going herbert
herbert specht <>
vienna, austria -
Well designed site though would like to see more graphics. Any possibility of some sound samples?
Davis <>
New York, USA -
It's terrific to see Gavin back on the web. I am looking forward to checking back often.
Anthony Creamer <>
Philadelphia, USA -
very impressive clearly and well structured gives an optimal survey best greetings fk
Franz Koglmann <>
Vienna, Austria -