(last updated March 2008)

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Derek Bailey

Incus 2

LP, later re-issued as CD



The Sinking of the Titanic

Obscure 1 (later Editions EG EGED21)

LP, later re-issued as CD

Ensemble Pieces


    Ensemble directed by Gavin Bryars

    (also includes works by John Adams and Christopher Hobbs)

Obscure 2 (later Editions EG EGED22)

LP only



 Machine Pieces

Obscure 8 (later Editions EG EGED28)

LP only





    an opera by Tom Phillips, music by Gavin Bryars, libretto by Fred Orton

    Ensemble directed by Gavin Bryars (string section is the 8-part 'new violin family')

 Obscure 9 (later Editions EG EGED29)

LP only


English Experimental Music

    Ponukelian Melody

    John White, Christopher Hobbs, Gavin Bryars.

    (also includes works by John White, Howard Skempton, Christopher Hobbs, Michael Parsons)

Audio Arts Vol. 3 No.2

Cassette only


 Pipe 2 Miniatures

    After Mendelssohn

    John White, Gavin Bryars

    (This is one of many pieces on the record by a variety of composers. Each piece lasts less than one minute).

LP and Microcassette.


From Brussels With Love

    White's SS (extract)

    John White, Christopher Hobbs, Gavin Bryars

    (includes a range of works from Crepuscule's initial catalogue)

Crepuscule TWI 007

Cassette only




Crepuscule TWI 027

LP and CD (TWI 027-2, issued 1990)



Three Viennese Dancers

ECM 1323 (New Series)

LP and CD



Myths 3 La Nouvelle Sérénité

    Sketch for Sub Rosa

    Andrew Hugill (then Thomson), Gavin Bryars

    (also includes works by Harold Budd, John Hassell, Gregorian Chant)

Sub Rosa

LP and CD



Invention of Tradition

 (Tate Gallery) BCGBCD01

CD only


Hommage ą Luc Etienne R.

    The Cross Channel Ferry


    (also includes works by Andrew Hugill, Cyril Lefebvre, Joseph Racaille, and Luc Etienne)

Cymbalum Pataphysicum1

Cassette only


The Sinking of the Titanic

Crepuscule TWI 922-2

CD only



After The Requiem

ECM 1424 (New Series)

LP and CD


Musica Sin Frontera vol. II

    Titanic Lament

    Gavin Bryars Ensemble

    (also includes works by Kenya, Julee Cruise, Bell Canto, Laurie Anderson, Angela Badalamenti, Suso Saiz, Mark Isham, Durruti Column, Steve Reich, Andreas Vollenweider, Miles Davis, Roger Eno, Peter Seiler, Lito Vitale, Wim Mertens, John Cale, Penguin Café Orchestra)

GASA (Spain) XE 9G0455

LP, CD, Cassette (boxed set of all 3 formats)


Un Peu, Pas Vraiment

    Titanic Lament

    Gavin Bryars Ensemble

    Crepuscule TWI 918-2

    CD only (with various artists on sample of Crepuscule releases)



John Harle

    The Green Ray

    John Harle and the Bournemouth Sinfonietta

    (also includes works by Michael Nyman, Mike Westbrook)

 Decca 433 847-2

LP and CD


The Garden

    The White Lodge

    Nicola Walker Smith

    (also includes works by Michael Finnissy, Errolyn Wallen, Geoff Smith, George Aperghis)

Kitchenware KWCD 017

CD only



ECM New Series 1495 437 956-2

(plus works by Gorecki, Satie, Milhaud)


Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

    (New long version for CD also released on cassette, plus 2 "single" versions for UK release, and 3 "single" versions for Benelux and rest of world)

 Point 438-823-2


Vita Nova

 ECM New Series 1533 445 351-2

Terminal Velocity

 Argo 443 214-2

Stone: Wind: Rain: Sun

Clarinet Classics CC0009

The Sinking of the Titanic

    Gavin Bryars Ensemble, Wenhaston Boys Choir, Ziella & Orlanda Bryars, Lucy and Camilla Thornton (additional strings)

Point 446-061-2

(Issued in Japan, 1995, in special edition with Aphex Twin: Raising the Titanic)



The Last Days

Argo 448 175-2


 Farewell to Philosophy

Point 454 126-2



A Man in a Room, Gambling

Point 456 514-2


    Alaric I or II


    (plus works by Nyman, Balanescu, Macy, Balakrishnan)

Daphénéo 9703

Alaric I or II

    Vienna Saxophone Quartet

    (plus works by Reich, Ligeti, Carl)

Lotus Records Salzburg LR 9722CD

Sit Fast

    In Nomine (After Purcell)


    (also works by Guy, Ruders, Dun, Bainbridge, Beamish, Sculthorpe, Costello, Ockeghem, Ferrabosco, Tye, Isaac)

Virgin Classics 7243 545217 2 0



Cadman Requiem

Point 462 511-2

The Sinking of the Titanic

Virgin CDVE 938 7243 8 45970 2 3

(CD re-issue of 1975 Obscure Records)


English Harpsichord Music

National Trust NTCD013

Gavin Bryars

 Daphénéo 9810



Clarinet Classics

Delta Saxophone Quartet


Harmonia Ensemble plays Gavin Bryars

 Materiali Sonore MASO CD 90108

Joseph Holbrooke in rehearsal 1965

    Miles' Mode. (J Coltrane)

    Tony Oxley drums, Gavin Bryars bass, Derek Bailey guitar

Incus CD Single 01


Joseph Holbrooke '98

    Mining the Archive



    Tony Oxley drums, Gavin Bryars bass, Derek Bailey guitar

Incus CD 39




    Gavin Bryars electric keyboard, double bass, director
    James Woodrow, electric guitar
    Sophie Harris, cello
    Takehisa Kosugi, violin, hand-held percussion

GB Records BCGBCD02


Three String Quartets

The Lyric Quartet

Jonathan Carney - violin
Edmung Coxon - violin
Nick Barr - viola
David Daniels - cello

Black Box BBM1079

I have heard it said that a spirit enters...

Holly Cole - voice
Gwen Hoebig - violin,
Gavin Bryars - double bass
CBC Radio orchestra, conductor Owen Underhill

    Following the concert at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival on June 30th, Gavin recorded a new album for CBC Records. This was released late October 2002 in Canada, and will be released in the New Year elsewhere. The US distributor is Naxos, the UK distributor is Kingdom. The album title is from the new song which opens the album, written for Holly Cole and setting a text by Marilyn Bowering from her novel To All Appearances a Lady. Gavin makes a rare appearance as an improvising soloist in his double-bass concerto By The Vaar.

CBC Records SMCD 5223

Gavin Bryars, a portrait

    A double CD for release on GavinĻs 60th birthday (January 16th 2003) which pulls together a number of works recorded on Point, Philips and Decca over the last twelve years.

    Much of the Point/Phillips/ Decca catalogue has disappeared and now only JesusĻ Blood Never Failed Me Yet and The Sinking of the Titanic remain. The existence of the CBC album, and the emergence of GB Records helped form the rationale for selecting the above tracks. So, although the Charlie Haden version of By the Vaar is out of print, there will be the new Gavin Bryars version on CBC. Although the studio recording of Cadman Requiem is deleted, the live performance is available on GB Records. Although the Point recording of A Man in a Room, Gambling is out of print, the full set of ten is available on GB Records...

Universal Philips 473 296-2

Lockerbie Memorial Concert


Hilliard Ensemble: David James, Steven Harrold, John Potter, Gordon Jones
Fretwork: Richard Campbell, Wendy Gillespie, Julia Hodgson, Susanna Pell, Richard Boothby, William Hunt


1. Busnois: In Hydraulis 7.31
2. Bryars: Incipit Vita Nova 5.44
3. Purcell: 6-Part In Nomine 2.34
4 Bryars: In Nomine (after Purcell) 8.51
5. Gombert: Salve Regina/ Diversi diversa orant 8.27
6. Bryars: Stormy (First Book of Madrigals) 3.08
7. Bryars: Web (First Book of Madrigals) 3.14
8. Bryars: Almond Tree (from First Book of Madrigals) 2.51
9. Jenkins: 6-part Pavane in F 6.40
(10-14) Bryars: Cadman Requiem
10. Requiem 9.29
11. Caedmon Paraphrase (Bede) 2.59
12. Agnus Dei 5.02
13. Caedmon’s Creation Hymn  2.17
14. In Paradisum 6.12

Total running time 74.59

GB Records

A Man in a Room, Gambling

Juan MuĖoz, Yukio Fujishima, The Balanescu Quartet (Alexander Balanescu, Claire Connors, Bill Hawkes, Caroline Dale/ Pal Banda, cello)


1. Programme One ('Bottom dealing') 5.05
2. Programme Two ('Three Card Trick')5.05
3. Programme Three ('Cutting') 5.04
4. Programme Four ('Shifting upper pack to bottom')  5.05
5. Programme Five ('Sorting 3 cards in a pack') 5.04
6. Programme Six ('Taking cards from the bottom') 5.04
7. Programme Seven ('Sorting 2 cards in a pack') 5.05
8. Programme Eight ('Getting rid of extra cards') 5.05
9. Programme Nine ('Three Card Trick - the Mexican Row') 5.05
10 Programme Ten (reprise 'Dealing from the bottom')5.05

Total Running Time 51.33

GB Records


Oi Me Lasso

Anna Maria Friman, soprano
John Potter, tenor
Morgan Goff, viola
Nick Cooper, cello
Gavin Bryars, double bass


1. Lauda 17 Ave vergene gaudente 2:40
2. Lauda 4 Oi me lasso 4:50
3. Lauda 29 O divina virgo, flore 2:51
4. Lauda 26 Plangiamo quell crudel basciar 4:14
5. Lauda 6 Da ciel venne messo novello 3:11
6. Lauda 13 Stomme allegro 4:38
7. Lauda 19 Omne homo 2:40
8. Lauda 10 O Maria d’omelia 3:42
9. Lauda 27 Lauda vollio per amore 3:04
10. Lauda 8 Regina sovrana 3:01
11. Lauda 12 Alta trinita beata 3:11
12. Lauda 15 O Maria dei cella 2:57
13. Lauda 9 Ave dei genitrix 3:16
14. Lauda 16 Laudamo la resurrectione 3:30
15. Lauda 28 Amor dolće senća pare 6:11

total running time: 55:11

GB Records BCGBCD05

Editor’s Choice for Gramophone 2005)

Dedicated to the memory of Susan Sontag


Latvian Radio Choir,
Sigvards Klava (tracks 1,2,3,4,5,9,10);
Kaspars Putnins (tracks 6,7,8)

1. Gavin Bryars: And so ended Kant’s travelling in this world 7:50
(2-4) Gavin Bryars: Three poems of Cecco Angiolieri
2. La mia malinconia… 3:45
3. S’i’ fosse foco…. 4:40
4. La stremita… 5:28
5. Arturs Maskats: "Da ispravitsja molitva moja” 9:06
(6-8) Gavin Bryars: On Photography
6. Expressa Solis 2:35
7. Expressa Solis/ Tersa Perfetta 17:10
8. Resonare fibris.. 3:29
(9-10) Valentin Silvestrov: Diptychon
9. The Lord’s Prayer 5:36
10. Testament 10:14

Total Running Time 70:39

GB Records BCGBCD07

A Listening Room
GB Records BCGBCD08

Music written and recorded for an installation at Chateau d’Oiron in western France.

This is a listening room, an installation that takes the form of an acoustic map of the chateau. For this, specific music was written in order to establish the architectural acoustic of each space and to animate the spaces in which the music was played. This was recorded ambisonically and a listening room was established in the chateau where the listener can hear the natural acoustic of each source room. This room is, therefore, both a map of the space and a space in itself. Along with Gavin Bryars himself, there are two members of his own ensemble, and his own sound designer and engineer. In addition he uses the village band (La Fanfare d'Oiron) accepting the eccentricities of their performance, and adding three players to the ensemble for two rooms.

This recording is a unique recording of that installation, which has played in the chateau since 1993, and has also been exhibited at the 2006 Alvar Aalto Architecture Symposium and in the Musée d'Angers, France – an exhibition devoted to major British sculpture in the French National Collection, and this work is included in that category!

an autographed album is available as a direct order from GB Records


Joseph Holbrooke double CD


Glorious Hill
GB Records BCGBCD09 (Editor’s Choice for Gramophone Feb 2008)

Second album with the Latvian Radio Choir,
Sigvards Klava (tracks 1,2,3,4,5,9,10);
Kaspars Putnins

Includes laude, Glorious Hill, Cadman Requiem (choir and organ version) and two pieces by the guest composers Eriks Esenvalds and Peters Vasks.

an autographed album is available as a direct order from GB Records

The Sinking of the Titanic
Touch Records

Marvellous Aphorisms

Ghost Stories
Smith Quartet


coming out soon on GB Records label:

Amjad (BCGBCD10)
Music, after Tchaikovsky, for the ballet by Edouard Lock for La La La Human Steps

Silva Caledonia (BCGBCD11)
recorded with Estonian Male Choir

I Send You This Cadmium Red (BCGBCD06)
a unique conversation between John Berger and John Christie accompanied by Gavin's music