List of Works (chronological)

(last updated February 2007)

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1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979,

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 Mr Sunshine

Instrumentation: Any number of keyboards, including one prepared piano

Duration: indeterminate

Published in EMC Keyboard Anthology.

First performance: Kingston College of Art, 13 December 1968.



Marvellous Aphorisms Are Scattered Richly Throughout These Pages.

Solo theatre piece (uses special garment).

Duration: indeterminate.

Published in EMC Visual Anthology.

First Performance: University College, Cardiff, 6 November 1969.


A Must For All Sibelians *

Tape piece (1/2 Track Stereo)

Duration: c.30 minutes

First performance: Systems Art exhibition, Helsinki, 197O


Private Music

Indeterminate (text notation)

Published in EMC Verbal Anthology.

First performance: Reardon-Smith Hall, Cardiff, 1969


The Sinking of the Titanic

Instrumentation: Indeterminate (possible materials include stereo tapes, string ensemble, percussion, low brass, brass quartet, bass clarinet, cassette tapes of speech, keyboard, 35 mm slides, visible sound effects, music box).

Duration: versions of 25', 40', or 1 hour (plus)

First performance: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 1972



Pre Medieval Metrics

Unspecified ensemble.

Duration: indeterminate

Published in EMC Rhythmic Anthology.

First performance: BBC 2 'Art and Technology' series, November 197O


The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls

Recording piece

Published in EMC Verbal Anthology.

Never performed - imperfectly realised Waterloo Station, summer 197O.


Serenely Beaming And Leaning On a Five-Barred Gate

Instrumentation: speaking voices, tape

Duration: indeterminate

Published in EMC Verbal Anthology.

First performance: Portsmouth College of Art, 14 January 197O.



Theatre piece for 2 singers.

Published in EMC Visual Anthology.

First performance: Black Swan, York, 3O November 1984


The Ride Cymbal And The Band That Caused The Fire In The Sycamore Trees

Instrumentation: 1 or 2 prepared pianos.

Duration: c.25 minutes

Published in EMC Keyboard Anthology.

First performance: Purcell Room, London, 9 October 197O


To Gain The Affections Of Miss Dwyer Even For One Short Minute Would Benefit Me No End

Instrumentation: Electronics

Published in EMC Visual Anthology.

Imperfect private performance: Portsmouth College of Art, November 197O


A Game Of Football

Environmental piece.

Published in EMC Visual Anthology

Never performed.




Unspecified ensemble, dedicated to John White.

Duration: c.20 minutes

Published in EMC Verbal Anthology.

First performance: Bluecoat Hall, Liverpool.


The Squirrel And The Ricketty-Racketty Bridge

Instrumentation: 1 player, 2 guitars (or multiples of this)

Published in EMC Rhythmic Anthology

First performance: Studio recording Incus Records (Derek Bailey guitars).

First live performance: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, December 1972( Derek Bailey/ John Tilbury, 2 players 4 guitars).


Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Instrumentation: Pre-recorded Tape and ensemble

Duration: 25' 40' 60' or 74'

First performance: Queen Elizabeth Hall, December 1972.



The Heat Of The Beat

Instrumentation: indeterminate

Published in EMC Verbal Anthology.

Never performed.


A Place In The Country

Instrumentation: Indeterminate

Published in EMC Visual Anthology

Never performed

Far Away and Dimly Pealing

Environmental piece

Published in EMC Visual Anthology.

Incomplete performance only.



Long Player

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Up to 3 strings and piano.

Published in EMC String Supplement.

First performance: University of Keele, 16 November 1983.


Ponukelian Melody *

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation:(original version): cello, tuba, reed organ, tubular bells(3 players)

First performance: Lucy Milton Gallery, 15 May 1975.

Instrumentation("tour" version): bells, marimba, timpani, violin, reed organ, piano, bass.

First performance: Midland Institute, Birmingham, 5 November 1981

Instrumentation: 2 Piano version.

First performance: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 26 January 198O.

Instrumentation(arr. Andrew Thomson, later Hugill): bells, marimba, tuba, string quartet, piano.

First performance: British Music Information Centre, 21 June l984



White To Play (And Win) *

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: Percussion trio(cowbells, woodblocks, music box)

First performance: Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 1 February 1976.


Tra-La-La-Lira-Lira-Lay (formerly entitled Detective Fiction and Related Subjects) *

Duration: c.15'

Instrumentation: Cello, tuba, reed organ, tapes/slides.

First performance: ICC, Antwerp, 15 May l976



Irma *

Duration: 38'

Opera (realisation of Tom Phillips' work)

No live performance (version made for recording: Obscure Records-see Discography)


The Perfect Crime *

Duration: 20'

Instrumentation: 2 pianos, tape, percussion, optional slides, tape.

First performance: Free University of Brussels, 1 April 1977.


First Suite from 'Irma' *

Duration: c.15'

Instrumentation: 2 pianos.

First performance: Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 2 April 1977


White's SS *

Duration: 18'

Instrumentation (original version): 2 pianos.

First performance: Centrum Bellevue, Amsterdam (Holland Festival) 10 June 1977.

Instrumentation("tour" version): 2 pianos, 3 players at one marimba, tuba.

First performance: Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris (Festival d'Automne), 16 November 1979.


R + 7 *

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Percussion duo.

First performance: Centrum 't Hoogt, Utrecht (Holland Festival), 12 June 1977.


Poggioli in Zaleski's Gazebo *

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: Piano, tuba, vibes, xylophone, bells.

First performance: Air Gallery, London, 1 November l977.


Out of Zaleski's Gazebo

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: Two pianos,( 6 or 8 hands)

First performance: University of Louvain, Belgium, 12 December 1977.



Danse Dieppoise * (also called Danse à la Talouienne)

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation (i): horn, tuba, piano, vibes.

First performance: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 15 April 1978.

Instrumentation (ii): harmonium, tuba, flute, clarinet, harpsichord.

Video performance: Sheffield University, May 1978


My First Homage

Duration: 15'

Instrumentation (i):2 pianos.

First performance: The Kitchen, New York, 10 November 1978.

Instrumentation (ii):2 pianos, 1 or 2 vibes, bass and/or tuba and/or bass clarinet.

First performance: Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris (Festival d'Automne), 16 November 1979.

Instrumentation ("tour" version): 2 saxophones, 2 vibes, piano, tuba, double bass, percussion. *

First performance: Midland Institute, Birmingham, 5 November 1981.


2nd Suite From 'Irma' *

Duration: c.20'

Instrumentation: Piano and string orchestra.

Not yet performed.



Ramsey's Lamp *

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: 2 pianos (6 hands).

First performance: ICA London, 4 February 1979.


Sforzesco Sforzando *

Duration: 20'

Instrumentation: 4 pianos

First performance: Castello Sforzesca, Milan, 23 June 1979.


The Cross-Channel Ferry *

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: 'elastic' scoring. Ensemble comprises: i) piano. ii) 2 marimbas or l marimba and l bass marimba, or l marimba and l vibes, or l marimba. iii) viola and/or violin, and/or treble viol, optional clarinet, and/or 2nd violin. iv) violin, and/or bass clarinet, and/or tuba or bass, optional steel drums and shakers.

First performance: Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Paris (Festival d'Automne), 16 November 1979.



The Vespertine Park *

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: 1 or 2 pianos, 2 vibes or 1 vibes and 1 marimba or bass marimba/bells, optional steel drums/sizzle cymbal, optional bass clarinet.

First performance: Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris (Paris Biennale), 25 October 1980.


The English Mail-Coach *

Duration: 6'

Instrumentation: 2 vibes, 6 roto-toms ( 4 players)

First performance: Air Gallery, London 23 April 1980.


After Mendelssohn

Duration: 0'59"

Instrumentation: Piano duet.

First performance: Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris, 26 October 1980.


Hi-Tremolo *

Duration: c.10'

Instrumentation: Vibes, marimba (or vibes), 2 pianos.

First performance: Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris (Paris Biennale), 26 October 1980.



Prolegomenon to 'Medea' *

Duration: 20'

Instrumentation: Clarinet, bass clarinet, marimba, bass marimba, cello, double bass, 2 keyboards, timpani.

First performance: Midland Institute, Birmingham, 5 November 1981.



Medea (revised 1984) (revised again 1995)

Duration: c.2 hours 45'

Opera ( libretto after Euripides. Direction and design: Robert Wilson).

Dedicated to Richard Bernas.

7 soloists (soprano, contralto, tenor, 3 baritones, bass).

Chorus (SATB).


3 (piccolo, alto). 0. 3 (E flat, 2 bass clarinet). 2 (contrabassoon).

4.0.1 (bass).1.

2 saxophones (alto/soprano, alto/tenor)

2 harps, piano

timpani + 5 percussion (see Percussion for details)

strings (no violins; 10 violas, 8 or 10 cello, 4 or 6 basses

First performance: Opéra de Lyon, France, 23 October 1984.

Subsequent performances at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées Paris (co-production: Opéra de Lyon, Opéra de Paris, Festival d'Automne).

First performance of the final version: Tramway, Glasgow, November 1995.



Three Studies on Medea *

Duration: 35'

Instrumentation: 2 pianos, marimba, 2 vibes, bells, cymbal, clarinet, tenor horn, strings.

First performance: Secession Hall, Vienna, 22 May 1983.


Les Fiançailles

Duration: 20'

Original Instrumentation: 2 pianos ( 4 or 8 hands), string quintet, optional 2 vibes and sizzle cymbal.

Subsequent Instrumentation: piano solo, string quintet, percussion 2 players (glockenspiel, 2 vibes, sizzle cymbal)

First performance: Secession Hall, Vienna 22 May 1983



Duration: 20'

Instrumentation: Soprano saxophone or clarinet and piano.

First performance: Leicester University, 7 December 1983. 20 minutes.

Instrumentation (ensemble version): clarinet, piano, violin, electric guitar, bass,

2 percussion (marimba, vibes, bells, bass drum, tam-tam).




Opera (incomplete) collaboration with Robert Wilson. Some sections of the music exist in completed form, as follows:

i) On Photography

(see On Photography, below)

Text: Pope Leo XIII: Ars Photographica

Instrumentation: Chorus (SATB), harmonium, piano.

First Performance: National Youth Chamber Choir, conductor Michael Brewer, Huddersfield, November 1994

(part of this is used for section 3 of Effarene, see below )

ii) 2B

Instrumentation: Percussion ensemble.

(part of this is used for Viennese Dance no.1, see below)

iii) Arias

For Marie Curie, The Queen of the Sea, Captain Nemo, The Japanese Bride.


(Marie Curie and The Queen of the Sea arias are used in Effarene, see below)


On Photography

Text: Pope Leo XIII

Duration: c. 20'

Instrumentation: Chorus (SATB), harmonium, piano



Text: Marie Curie, Etel Adnan, Pope Leo XIII, Jules Verne

Duration: 38'

Instrumentation: soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 (original version 4 pianos), 6 percussion (see Percussion for details)

First performance: St John's Smith Square, London, 23 March 1984.



* Shorter version ( omits last aria, text by Jules Verne)

Instrumentation: soprano, 2 pianos, 4 percussion

First performance: Leicester, June 1984


Hymne à la Rrose *

Duration: c.6'

Instrumentation: French 'village' band (fanfare).

(Commissioned for projected unveiling of statue of Rrose Sélavy in Rouen).



Eglisak *

Duration: 23'

Instrumentation (i): 2 pianos, 2 violins, percussion ( 2 or 3 players see Percussion for details)

First performance: Rote Fabrik, Zurich, 28 April 1985

Instrumentation (ii): (chamber orchestra) 2.0.2(;; percussion (2 or 3 players), 2 pianos, strings.

First performance: Conservatoire de Strasbourg, 10 October 1985.


Homage to Vivier *

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Flute, clarinet, vibes, piano.

First performance: Almeida Theatre, London, 1 July 1985.

Lontano Ensemble


String Quartet No 1 (Between the National and the Bristol)

Duration: 23'

Dedicated to Hazel Davies (1931-85).

Commissioned by the Vienna Festival for the Arditti Quartet.

First performance: Messe Palatz, Vienna, 8 October 1985.


Viennese Dance No 1 (M.H.).

Duration: 18'

Instrumentation: solo French horn, percussion ( 6 players - see Percussion for details), (+ optional string trio)

First performance: Théâtre de la Ville, Paris 20 November 1986 (reduced instrumentation); Union Chapel, Almeida Festival, June 13 1987 (full version).



Pico's Flight

Text: after Pico della Mirandola and Francis Bacon

Duration: 18'

Dedicated to Grand-Hotel des Terreaux, Lion

Instrumentation (i): solo soprano voice and orchestra: 2+1, 2(1), 2+,1+1; 3,2,2,0; piano; timpani + percussion (2 or 3 players, see Percussion for details), strings ( minimum; preferred).

Commissioned by the Royal Holloway College, Egham, for its centenary.

First performance: Royal Holloway College, 25 February 1986

Instrumentation (ii) (version with chamber orchestra)

Solo soprano voice, 1 (picc.). 2 (CA), 2 (contra.),; Percussion (one player), Piano, Strings (

First Performance: Haymarket Theatre, Leicester 11th February 1990


Sketch for Sub Rosa *

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: 2 pianos,( version made only for recording, see Discography for details)


Sub Rosa

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Clarinet, recorder, vibes, violin, piano, bass

First performance: Festival of Flanders, Gent, 10 November 1986.


Pavane *

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: French horn, violin, 3 percussion, bass.

First performance: Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, 20 November 1986.



By The Vaar

Duration: 20'

Dedicated to Charlie Haden.

Commissioned by the Camden Music Festival, London.

Instrumentation: Solo bass, strings (3,3,3,2,1 or 5,5,5,5,3), bass clarinet, percussion ( 1 player - vibes, marimba, tam-tam, 2 cymbals)

First performance: Shaw Theatre, London, April 6th 1987 (Charlie Haden, bass)


The Old Tower of Löbenicht

Duration: 15'

Instrumentation (i): Piano (+ horn), bass clarinet, violin (or viola), cello, bass, electric guitar, 2 percussion (vibes, tam-tam, sizzle cymbal, marimba, bells).

First performance: Almeida Festival, Union Chapel, London, 13 June 1987.

Instrumentation (ii) (arr. Roger Heaton) Piano, bass-clarinet, violin

First performance: Huddersfield, November 22 1992.



Invention of Tradition

Duration: 45'

Commissioned by the Tate Gallery Liverpool for its opening celebration.

Instrumentation: 2 cathedral organs, female choir, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion ( 4 players, see Percussion for details), 5 trombones, euphonium, 2 tubas.

Performed: Albert Dock, Liverpool, 24-26 May 1988.


Glorious Hill

Text by Pico della Mirandola

Duration: 15'

Dedicated to Frances Barber and Neil Pearson.

Commissioned by the Hilliard Ensemble

Instrumentation: 4 voices (alto, 2 tenors, baritone)

First performance: Hilliard Festival of Voices, Lewes, August 1988.


Dr Ox's Experiment (Epilogue)

Text: Blake Morrison, based on Jules Verne.

Duration: 22'

Dedicated to Ruby

Instrumentation: Solo soprano voice, solo piano (originally 2 pianos), string quartet, bass, bass clarinet, electric guitar, 2 percussion (originally including electric keyboard).

First performance: St George's Brandon Hill, Bristol, 11 November 1988.



Incipit Vita Nova

Text from Dante: La Vita Nuova and Pico della Mirandola: Conclusiones.

Duration: 7'

Dedicated to Erica, Robert and Vita Hewison.

Instrumentation: Solo alto, violin, viola, cello.

First performance: St Mary de Castro, Leicester, 1 April 1989


Cadman Requiem

Text: I. Requiem/Kyrie; II. Bede (Latin paraphrase of Caedmon's Creation Hymn); III. Agnus Dei; IV. Caedmon Creation Hymn; V. In Paradisum.

Duration: 30'

Dedicated to Bill Cadman.

(I) Instrumentation: alto, 2 tenors, bass-baritone, 2 violas, cello (+ optional bass)

First performance: Conservatoire de Lyon, 17 May 1989

(ii) Instrumentation: (4 voices)+ viol consort (2 treble viols, 2 tenors, 1 bass, 1 great bass)

First performance: recording AIR studios November 17th 1997, live: Westminster Cathedral December 21st 1998


Alaric I or II

Duration: 15'

Dedicated to "my companions in France, Summer 1989".

Commissioned by the Delta Saxophone Quartet.

Instrumentation: Saxophone quartet (soprano, soprano, alto, baritone).

First performance: Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, 3 October 1989.



After The Requiem

Duration: 16'

Dedicated to Bill (Frisell and Cadman)

Instrumentation: Solo electric guitar, 2 violas, cello.

First performance: studio recording ( ECM Records, Rainbow Studios, Oslo, 17, 18 September 1990.( see Discography)

(see 1998 for subsequent version)


Four Elements

Duration: 30'

Commissioned by Rambert Dance Company for dance choreographed by Lucinda Childs.

Instrumentation: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flugelhorn, horn, trombone, piano, electric keyboard, bass,, taped voice (or male alto), 2 percussion( see Percussion for details).

First performance: Apollo Theatre, Oxford, 16 November 1990.


String Quartet No 2

Duration: 25'

Dedicated to the Balanescu Quartet

Commissioned by the Balanescu Quartet.

First performance: St Paul's Hall. (Huddersfield, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival) 1 December 1990.


The Corinthian Middle

Duration: 7'

Instrumentation: 2 violins

Dedicated to Alexander Balanescu, Liz Perry and John Carney

First performance (no.2): St Paul's Hall Huddersfield (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival) 2 December 1990

( also included as part of Die Letzten Tage , q.v. 1992 ).



The Black River

Text: Jules Verne (from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea)

Duration: c.15'

Instrumentation: Soprano and organ.

First performance: Leicester Cathedral, 22 January 1991


The Green Ray

Duration: 20'

Dedicated to John Harle and the Bournemouth Sinfonietta.

Commissioned by the Bournemouth Sinfonietta.

Instrumentation: Solo soprano saxophone and orchestra: 1(picc),1 + Cor.A.,1(,2(contra); 2, Flugelhorn,1,0; piano, Percussion (1 player- bass drum, tam-tam, glockenspiel, bells, cymbal); Strings ( n.b. 21 part divisi essential.

First performance: St. Mary's Church, Swanage, July 6th 1991.


The White Lodge

Text: Jules Verne ( from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea)

Duration: 16'30"

Dedicated to Delphine Seyrig.

Commissioned by Nicola Walker Smith.

Instrumentation (i): Low mezzo-soprano voice, electronics, digital tape (realised at Autograph Studios, London).

First performance: Nettlefold Festival, London September 21st 1991.

Instrumentation (ii): low contralto voice, 2 violins, viola, cello, 2 double basses, 2 percussion, electric keyboard.

First performance: Amphitheatre Opera-Bastille, Paris December 9th 1992.



A Man in a Room, Gambling

Text: Juan Muñoz

Duration: 50' (10 movements each of 5')

Instrumentation: Speaking voice, string quartet

Recorded Dave Hunt Studio, London April 17th 1992


Die Letzten Tage

Duration: 27'

Dedicated to Alexander Balanescu

Instrumentation: 2 violins ( with optional Korg M1 keyboard)

First performance: Sala del Arenal, Seville, April 19th 1992


Alaric III *

Duration: 15'

Instrumentation: basset-horn/bass-clarinet, violin, piano, electric keyboard (Korg M1), 2 electronic percussion

First performance: Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg, Austria, May 1st 1992


The Leiden Riddle *

Text: 7th Century Northumbrian

Duration: 10"

Dedication: Mr. and Mrs. Haseley Ekers

Instrumentation: 2 violins, male voices (alto, 2 tenors, baritone, bass), organ

First performance: St Thomas's Church, Wells, August 1st 1992


Aus den Letzten Tage

Duration: 15'

Instrumentation: 2 violins, clarinet/bass-clarinet, electric keyboard (Korg M1), 2 percussion

First performance: Teatro Alameda, Seville, September 14th 1992.



The War in Heaven

Text: from Genesis A (7th Century Anglo-Saxon); Joe Chaikin/ Sam Shepard

Duration: 45'

Dedicated to Peter Falk

Instrumentation: Soprano solo, Alto solo, Half Chorus, Chorus, Orchestra: 3(picc), 2 (CA), 2 +, 1 + Contra; 4, 2 (flugel), 3,1; harp percussion (3 players, see Percussion for details); Strings

First Performance: Royal Festival Hall, London, April 29th 1993


The Archangel Trip

Duration: 17'

Instrumentation: 2 Pan-pipes, 2 alto saxophones, bass-clarinet, 2 sampling keyboards, octopads (with sampler), 5-string violin, 5-string cello, electric guitar, electric bass

First Performance: Bristol, April 18th 1993


Le Chateau d'Oiron

Duration: 58'

Instrumentation: mixed instruments 3-4 players (bass, tenor horn, clarinet, bass-clarinet, horn, percussion, keyboards) plus 2 works for village band from their own repertoire

First Performance for Installation at Chateau d'Oiron, France, June 25 1993


The North Shore

Duration: 12'

Dedication: Debbie Mason

Instrumentation (i): viola and piano

First Performance: Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, October 19 1993

Instrumentation (ii) (revised 1994): solo viola, harp (or piano), strings (min., percussion (bass drum, tam-tam, 2 cymbals)

NB this version is longer and has a modified solo part too

First Performance: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London June 30th 1994.



From Mina Harker's Journal *

Text: from Bram Stoker's Dracula

Duration: 22'

Instrumentation: Baritone voice, viola

First Performance: Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, January 6th 1994


Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets

Duration: 19 '

Dedication: Roger Heaton

Instrumentation: 4 B flat clarinets, 2 alto-clarinets, 2 bass-clarinets, 1 contra-bass clarinet, (optional bass-drum, Tam-Tam, Tubular bells)

 Wonderlawn *

Duration: c.58'

Instrumentation: Electric Guitar, viola, cello, bass (with pedals)

First Performance: Laurie Booth Dance Company, Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton, May 6 1994


Epilogue from Wonderlawn

Duration: 7'

Dedication: Ziella and Orlanda

Instrumentation: solo viola, electric guitar, 3 cellos, double bass, bass clarinet

First performance (this version): Studio One, BBC Maida Vale, September 19th 1997


One Last Bar Then Joe Can Sing

Duration: 15'

Dedication: to Nexus

Instrumentation: 5 percussion

First performance: Nexus, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, November 1994


The East Coast

Duration: 15'

Dedication: Lawrence Cherney

Instrumentation: Bass oboe solo; chamber orchestra

First performance: Lawrence Cherney, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, conductor Bramwell Tovey, Winnipeg January 1995.



The South Downs

Duration: 15'

Dedication: "to the cellists in my life"

Instrumentation: cello and piano

First performance: Sophie Harris, cello; Kathryn Page, piano

Michael Tippett Centre, Bath March 1995


"2" (La La La Human Steps)

Music for Dance performance, choreographer Edouard Lock

Instrumentation: 2 amplified harpsichords

First Performance: Theatre de la Ville, Paris April 29th 1995


In Nomine (After Purcell)

Duration: 10'

Dedication: Fretwork

Instrumentation: viol consort (2 trebles, two tenors, two basses)

First Performance: Fretwork, Purcell Room, London May 1995


2 Songs from the Adnan Songbook

Text: Etel Adnan

Duration: 9'

Dedication: Jane Quinn and Martin Duignan

Instrumentation: Soprano voice, bass clarinet, electric guitar, 2 violas, cello, bass

First Performance: Sarah Leonard and Gavin Bryars Ensemble, BBC Recording May 20th 1995 (broadcast June 4th 1995)


Revision to Medea

Medea Act 1 scene A (new opening scene)

First performance (new revised version): Tramway, Glasgow, November 3rd 1995

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, conductor Martyn Brabbins


After Handel's Vesper

Duration: 11'

Dedication: Maggie Cole

Instrumentation: harpsichord solo

First performance: Maggie Cole, Pebble Mill, Birmingham October 4th 1995 (live broadcast BBC Radio 3)


Cello Concerto (Farewell to Philosophy)

Duration: 35'

Dedication: Julian Lloyd Webber

Instrumentation: solo cello, 2(1).1 + cor anglais, 2(1), 2(1);; harp; perc.(2 players) (bells, marimba, vibes, 2 suspended cymbals, Tam-Tam, Bass Drum, timps - 4 drums); strings

First performance: Julian Lloyd Webber, cello, English Chamber Orchestra, cond. James Judd, Barbican, London November 24th 1995.



Adnan Songbook

Text: Etel Adnan

Duration: 30'

Dedication: Jane Quinn and Martin Duignan

Instrumentation: Soprano voice, bass clarinet (+ clarinet), electric guitar (+ acoustic guitar), 2 violas, cello, bass

First performance: Valdine Anderson and Gavin Bryars Ensemble, Almeida Theatre, London, July 20th 1996.



Doctor Ox's Experiment

Opera, libretto by Blake Morrison (after the novella by Jules Verne)

Duration: c. 2 hours 10'

12 soloists (2 sopranos, 2 mezzos, 2 counter tenors, 2 tenors, 2 baritones, 2 bass baritones)

Chorus (SATB)

Orchestra: 2 (2), 2 (oboe d'amore, cor anglais),1 + bass-cl, 1 + contra; 4. flugelhorn.2 + bass.0; harp; electric keyboard, Percussion (3 players) (see Percussion for details); Strings: minimum (1 amplified)

First performance: English National Opera, London, June 15th, 1999.


The Island Chapel

Text: Etel Adnan

Duration: 17'

Dedicated to Jocelyn Herbert

Instrumentation (i): mezzo-soprano voice, cello, Korg M1

First performance: Melanie Pappenheim, Sophie Harris, Gavin Bryars, The Island Chapel, St. Ives, Cornwall, April 26th 1997

Instrumentation (ii): mezzo-soprano voice, electric guitar, bass clarinet, electric keyboard, 2 violas, cello


Expressa Solis

Text: Pope Leo XIII

Duration: 7'

Unaccompanied voices (TTBar)

First Performance: The Hilliard Ensemble, Little St. Mary's Church, Cambridge July 29th 1997


And so ended Kant's travelling in this world

Text: Thomas De Quincey

Duration: 7'

Dedicated to the Members of the Hilliard Early Music Summer School Cambridge 1997

Unaccompanied voices (SSATTBarB)

First Performance: Members of the Hilliard Early Music Summer School, Emannuel Reformed Church, Cambridge August 2nd 1997


Three Poems of Cecco Angiolieri

Text: Cecco Angiolieri

Duration: 12'

Dedicatated to The Corte Sconta, Venezia

First Performance: Members of the Hilliard Early Music Summer School, Emannuel Reformed Church, Cambridge August 2nd 1997.



String Quartet no.3

Duration: c. 25'

Dedicated to The Lyric Quartet

First Performance: The Lyric Quartet, The Pump Room, Cheltenham July 15th 1998



Duration: c. 10'

Dedicatated to Harmonia Trio

Instrumentation: clarinet, cello, piano


After the Requiem (Septet)

Duration: c.25'

Instrumentation: electric guitar, bass clarinet, electric keyboard, 2 violas, cello, double bass

First performance: La Botanique, Brussels, October 15th 1998


Duets from Doctor Ox's Experiment

Duration: c. 37'

Dedicated to Valdine Anderson and David James

Instrumentation: soprano, counter tenor, electric guitar, bass clarinet, piano (doubling electric keyboard), 2 violas, cello, bass, percussion (vibraphone, glockenspiel, bells, bass drum, tam-tam, sizzle cymbal)

First Performance: La Botanique, Brussels, October 16th 1998


Three Madrigals (from the First Book of Madrigals)

Text: Blake Morrison

Dedicated to Martin and Rita Cadman

Instrumentation: ATTBar/ ATBar

First performance (3 of madrigals): Hilliard Ensemble, Westminster Cathedral, December 21st 1998


Planet Earth

Text: PK Page

Duration: c.10'

Instrumentation: contralto voice, bass clarinet, bassoon; 2 horns in F; percussion (bass drum, tam-tam, bells, glockenspiel. sizzle cymbal), timpani; piano; strings (min.

First performance: Centennial Hall, Winnipeg: Holly Cole, voice, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, conductor Bramwell Tovey


The Apple

Text: PK Page

Duration: c. 4'

Instrumentation: contralto voice, 6 celli, 4 basses, percussion (bass drum, tam-tam, cymbal)

First Performance: Centennial Hall Winnipeg; Holly Cole, voice, members of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, conductor Bramwell Tovey.



A Time and a Place

Duration: c. 5'

Dedicated to my mother

Instrumentation: organ solo

First performance: St Johns Church, Goole January 8th 1999 (mother's funeral)


Duration: 45'

Instrumentation: violin, cello, electric guitar, double bass, electric keyboard, pre-recorded tape

First Performance: Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley California April 23rd 1999

When Harry Met Addie

Duration c. 7'

Dedication: in memory of Adelaide Hall

Instrumentation: solo soprano voice; alto sax I, alto sax II (clar.), tenor sax I (clar.), tenor sax II (clar.), baritone sax; 4 French horns; flugelhorn,3 trumpets; 3 trombones, bass trombone; piano, bass, drums

First Performance: London Sinfonietta Big Band, Duke Ellington Memorial Concert, Queen Elziabeth Hall London, May 1st 1999

Unless The Eye Catch Fire. . .

Duration: c.30'

Instrumentation: bass clarinet, piano, 2 violas, cello, bass, percussion (one player: bells, vibraphone, tam-tam, bass drum)

First Performance: Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria Conservatory, Victoria BC, Canada June 19th 1999. 

The Porazzi Fragment

Duration: c. 14'
Dedicated to my wife Anya.
Instrumentation: 21 solo strings (11 violins, 4 violas, 4 celli, 2 basses)
First Performance: Primavera Orchestra, directed by Paul Manley, Canterbury December 1st 1999.

Creation Hymn

Duration: c.18'
Dedication: to Billesdon
Instrumentation: Chorus (SATB) 2 flutes, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone (2 players), 2 trombones (3 players), 2 electric guitars (3 players), handbells (5 players), 3 electric keyboards (optional shakers), drum kit, violin, 2 celli (4 players), bass
First Performance: Billesdon Millennium Music, The Coplow Centre Billesdon, December 31st 1999.


Super Flumina

Duration c. 8'
Instrumentation: Four voices (counter tenor, 2 tenors, baritone)
First Performance: The Orlando Consort, York Early Music Centre, St. Mary's Church York, April 7th 2000

Violin Concerto
(The Bulls of Bashan)

Duration c. 20'
Violin solo and strings

First Book of Madrigals

Duration c. 35'
Text: Blake Morrison
Dedicated to Martin and Rita Cadman

Thirteen madrigals for four and three voices (counter tenor, 2 tenors, baritone or counter tenor, tenor, baritone)


Toru’s Mist

Duration: c. 12’
Dedication: Ensemble Tozai
Instrumentation: shakuhachi, violin, piano, Japanese untuned percussion
First performance: Ensemble Tozai, The Royal Pavilion, Brighton May 17th 2001

G, Being the Confession and Last Testament of Johannes Gensfleisch, also known as Gutenberg, Master Printer, formerly of Strasbourg and Mainz.

Opera in 2 Acts, with Prologue and Epilogue
Libretto: Blake Morrison
Duration c. 2hours 30’
Dedication: Sandy Brown
16 soloists (2 sopranos, 2 mezzo sopranos, counter tenor, 2 tenors, 4 baritones, 3 bass baritones, 2 basses. 4 of these parts may be taken by choral soloist)
Chorus (S.A.T.Bar.B.)
2 flutes (both doubling piccolo); 3 cor anglais (1 doubling oboe, 1 doubling oboe d’amore)
1 clarinet (doubling E flat); bass clarinet; 2 bassoons; contrabassoon
5 horns (four doubling Wagner tubas)
2 trombones (both doubling alto); bass trombone; tuba
timpani; percussion (2 players)
harp; celeste/ harpsichord (one player)
strings (
First performance: Staats Theater Mainz, February 23rd 2002, designer Rosalie, Director Georges Delnon, conductor Gernot Sahler

Gutenberg’s Farewell

Duration c. 7’
Dedication: St John the Baptist Church Billesdon
Instrumentation: solo organ
First performance: Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, St. John the Baptist Church, Billesdon, July 12th 2001

With Miriam by the river

Duration c. 5’
Dedication: Margaret Mills and Masha Tchernakova
Instrumentation: cello and piano (commissioned for ABRSM ?Spectrum? series)
First performance: Margaret Mills, cello, Masha Tchernakova, piano, Coplow Centre Billesdon, December 29th 2001

I send you this Cadmium Red

Duration c. 40’
Instrumentation: bass clarinet, electric guitar, viola, double bass
Music for Radio programme with John Berger and John Christie
First performance: Between the Ears series, Radio 3, January 19th 2002

Marconi’s Madrigal (Se ‘l sasso ond’ Ź piĚ chiusa questa valle)

Text: Petrarch
Duration: 7’
Dedication: Anna Maria Friman and John Potter
First Performance: Tape recorded at York University December 2nd 2001, Anna Maria Friman, soprano, John Potter, tenor. For broadcast on CBC Radio 1, December 12th 2001


Second Book of Madrigals

for six voices (three sopranos, three tenors), or SSATTBar
Text: Petrarch
Duration c. 70’
Dedication: John Potter
First Performance (of 4) Trio Mediaeval Sextet, Norway April 2002;
first complete performance Yorvox, Cambridge July 19th 2002

3 Laude

Text: anonymous 14th century
Duration c. 4’ each
Dedication: Anna Maria Friman
First performance: (1) Anna Maria Friman, solo recital London March 2002

I have heard it said that a spirit enters

text: Marilyn Bowering (from ?To all appearances a Lady?
Duration: c. 4’
Dedication: to Holly Cole
Instrumentation: solo contralto (jazz) voice: bassoon; 2 horns; percussion (one player); strings ( - 1 bass is amplified jazz bass)
First performance: Holly Cole, CBC Radio Orchestra (Gavin Bryars jazz bass), conductor Owen Underhill; Orpheum, Vancouver June 30th 2002

Oi me lasso (Lauda 4)

for soprano and tenor
Duration 6’
Dedication: John Potter and Anna Maria Friman
First performance: CBC Broadcast Sept 11th 2002

Double Bass Concerto (?Farewell to St Petersburg?)

Text: Kukol’nik
Duration 27’
Dedication: Duncan McTier
solo double bass
2 flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, 2 horns
timpani, percussion (2 players), harp
male chorus (3 part divisi bass voices)
strings (
First performance: Tramway, Glasgow, September 21st 2002

Lauda (con sordino)

Duration 10’
Dedication: Audrey Riley
Instrumentation: solo cello, piano, optional electric guitar
First Performance: Djanogly Hall Nottingham, October 3rd 2002


Duration: 8’
Instrumentation: piano, strings (
First performance: Theatre de la Ville, Paris November 5th 2002 (for ?Writings on Water?, dance by Carolyn Carlson)


Psalm 83 (84)

For mixed chorus (TrTrAT B)

Commissioned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the addition of girl choristers joining the boys at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh.

First performance: Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral, conductor Matthew Owen St Marys Cathedral Edinburgh August 13 200

Psalm 132 (133)

For mixed chorus (SATB), solo trumpet and organ

Written for, and first performed at, the wedding of Brian and Sarah Morton, St John the Evangelist Edinburgh May 31 2003


Third Book of Madrigals

For soprano, tenor, bass and lute

Text: Petrarch, translated by J. M. Synge1-9
commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and performed there by Red Byrd November 27th 2003 

Cycle Lauda Cortonese

  1. Venite a laudare (soprano solo)
  2. Laude novella (soprano solo)
  3. Ave donna santissima (soprano solo)
  4. Oi me lasso (soprano and tenor)
  5. Altissima luce (three sopranos, unison)
  6. Da ciel venne messo novella (soprano and tenor)
  7. Ave regina gloriosa (three sopranos, divisi)
  8. Regina sovrana (soprano solo)
  9. Ave dei genitrix (soprano and tenor)
  10. O Maria, d’omelia (soprano solo)
  11. Salve, salve, virgo pia (soprano and tenor)
  12. Alta trinita beata (soprano, tenor, viola, bass)
  13. Stomme allegro (soprano, tenor, viola, bass)
  14. Jesu Cristo glorioso (soprano, tenor, bass)
  15. O Maria, Dei cella (soprano solo)
  16. Laudamo la resurrectione (soprano, tenor, bass)
  17. Ve vergine gaudente (soprano solo)
  18. Cristo e nato et humanato (three sopranos)
  19. Omne homo (soprano, tenor, bass)
  20. Vergene donćella (three sopranos, tenor)
  21. O Divina virgo flore (soprano solo)
  22. Fammi cantar l’amor (nine female voices)
  23. Fammi cantar l’amor (nine female voices) – different setting
  24. Dami conforto Dio (eleven female voices)
  25. Dami conforto Dio (three sopranos)

Eight Irish Madrigals

For soprano, tenor, 2 violas, cello, bass
Text: Petrarch, translated by J. M. Synge
First performance: Anna Maria Friman, John Potter, Gavin Bryars Ensemble
Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin May 15th 2004

Fourth Book of Madrigals

No.1 “A qualunque animale”
for eight-part voices (SSAATTBB)
Text: Petrarch
First performance Vox Altera soloists, directed by Massimiliano Pascucci
Villa I Tatti, Florence May 27th 2004

New York

Concerto for tuned percussion quintet and chamber orchestra
First performance: Les Percussions Claviers de Lyon and L’Ensemble (Orchestre de Basse-Normandie) conductor Dominique Debart
Theatre Hérouv ille Saint-Clair, May 28th 2004

Lachrimae Crepusculae (after Dowland)

For viol consort (treble, 2 tenors, 2 basses) and lute
First performance: Concordia, Cheltenham Festival, July 17th 2004

Cycle Lauda Cortonese  

Lauda 26 “Plangiamo del crudel basciar”
for soprano, tenor, viola, cello, bass

Lauda 27 “Lauda vollio per amore”
for soprano, tenor, bass

Lauda 28 “Amor dolce senća pare”
for soprano, tenor, viola, cello, bass

Lauda 29 “O divina virgo, flore”
for soprano and bass (addition of bass to Lauda 21)

Lauda (col legno)

For solo bass clarinet, with optional drones
First performed by Roger Heaton, Purcell Room, London September 9th 2004

From Egil’s Saga

For bass voice, optional choir, French horn, bass clarinet, percussion, strings
Text Egil Skalgrimsson (10th century Icelandic)
First performance: Rúni Brattaberg, Cambridge University Chamber Choir, London Sinfonietta, conductor Olari Elts
Cambridge Corn Exchange, November 11th 2004


Creamer Etudes

For flute/ piccolo, cor anglais, bass clarinet/ B flat, bassoon/ contra, percussion, piano,
viola, double bass
First Performance: Relache,
Prince Music theatre, Philadelphia, May 23 2005

Third Book of Madrigals nos. 10-17

For soprano, tenor, bass and lute

Bibe Aquam

For three sopranos
First performance, Wedding of Andreas Friman and Maria Mellstrom,
Stockholm, September 17 2005
(note: version for soprano, tenor, viola, bass clarinet, double bass given preview performance by Anna Maria Friman, John Potter, Morgan Goff, Roger Heaton and Gavin Bryars, Musée des Beaux Arts, Angers, September 10 2005)

Lauda 30 “Stella nuova”

For three sopranos, bass clarinet, double bass
Recorded by Trio Mediaeval, Roger Heaton and Gavin Bryars for broadcast on Swedish TV (for Christmas Day)


Silva Caledonia
Male Choir
First performance Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn April 6
Estonian National Male Choir, conductor Kaspars Putnins

Cadman Requiem (version for male choir and organ)
First performance Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn April 6
Estonian National Male Choir, conductor Kaspars Putnins

Glorious Hill (male choir version)
First performance Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn April 6
Estonian National Male Choir, conductor Kaspars Putnins

Lauda 31
Male Choir
First performance Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn April 6
Estonian National Male Choir, conductor Kaspars Putnins

Lauda 32
Male Choir
First performance Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn April 6
Estonian National Male Choir, conductor Kaspars Putnins

Nine Irish Madrigals
nos. 1, 8 and 9 first perf. Anna Maria Friman, John Potter, GB Ensemble
Great Hall Dartington, Devon April 26
Complete performance Glenn Gould Studio, CBC Toronto
March 6th 2007

A la dolce ombra de le belle frondi (Fourth Book of Madrigals No. 2)
First performance, St Mary's Church, Ealing, London, 31 March 2007
The Addison Singers, cond. David Wordsworth

Epilogue for Wonderlawn (bass ensemble)
First performance Gary Karr, Harmon Lewis, Basses Loaded
cond. Sarah Klein
Philip T Young Recital Hall, UVic, Canada

Silva Caledonia (bass ensemble)
First performance Gary Karr, Basses Loaded
cond. Sarah Klein
Philip T Young Recital Hall, UVic, Canada

The Paper Nautilus
soprano, mezzo, 2 pianos, 6 percussion
First performance Theatre Cryptic, dir. Cathie Boyd
Angela Tunstall, soprano; Alexander Gibson, mezzo
Paragon Ensemble cond. Garry Walker
Tramway, Glasgow November 2


Nothing like the Sun
(8 Shakespeare sonnets)
soprano, tenor, speaking voice, 8 instruments
First performance The Courtyard Theatre Stratford on Avon, February 24
Anna Maria Friman, John Potter, Gavin Friday
Opera North Ensemble, dir. James Holmes

Music, after Tchaikovsky, for the ballet by Edouard Lock for La La La Human Steps
2 violas, cello, piano
First Performance: National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada, April 20, 2007
Jennifer Thiessen, viola; Jill Van Gee, viola; Elisabeth Giroux, cello;  Njo Kong Kie, musical direction and piano

To Define Happiness
Music for the theatre work by Peeter Jalakas
Bass clarinet, French horn, kantele, percussion, 2 violas, cello, bass
First Performance: Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia April 9 2007

Two Lines
2 recorders
First Performance: Peter Bowman and Kathleen Bennets

The Church nearest to the Sea
Written for Mr McFall’s Chamber
2 violins, viola, cello, bass (solo), piano
First Performance: East Neuk Festival, Creil, Scotland June 30 2007
Mr McFall’s Chamber (Rick Standly, solo bass)


Ian in the Broch
Text: George Bruce
Solo baritone, solo double bass, male choir, strings (violas, cellos basses)
First Performance: Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn, Estonia, January 31 2008
Estonian National Male Choir (RAM), Daniel Nix, solo double bass, Mareks Lobe,
baritone, Kaspars Putnins conductor

Text: Edwin Morgan
Male Choir
First Performance: Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn, Estonia, January 31 2008
Estonian National Male Choir (RAM), Kaspars Putnins conductor

The Summons
Text: Edwin Morgan
Male Choir
First Performance: Estonia Symphony Hall, Tallinn, Estonia, January 31 2008
Estonian National Male Choir (RAM), Kaspars Putnins conductor

Old Man and Sea
Text: George Bruce
Solo tenor, harp