About the piece
BIPED is the first album on Gavin Bryars' own label, GB Records. However, the catalogue lists it as BCGBCD02 paying respect to another album, Invention of Tradition, produced by Gavin Bryars together with Bill Cadman in 1988.

BIPED was commissioned by the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation for the dance by Merce Cunningham (find more about the piece).

Tracks Information and Credits:


1. Part I -- 7:34

2. Part II -- 12:57

3. Part III -- 9:18

4. Part IV -- 8:31

5. Part V -- 5:16

6. Part VI -- 2:20

Total duration 45:59

Gavin Bryars, electric keyboard, double bass, director
James Woodrow, electric guitar
Sophie Harris, cello
Takehisa Kosugi, violin, hand-held percussion

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